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Zhenjiang a large network system / drug case – Law — original title: Zhenjiang a large network system selling counterfeit case reporter Ma Chao correspondent Wang Xuxia plum a pharmaceutical salesman, found the production and sales of the "health" is a quick shortcut and decided to build up the family fortunes, and selling counterfeit drugs. He told the others to buy without the approval number of hypoglycemic, antihypertensive drugs, the addition of the western medicine in kudzu root, Ligustrum lucidum and other traditional Chinese medicine capsules, and then packaged as a "sugar" Shenqi Baicao Kang "Tangkang" Baicao Tang Kang "herbal" sugar "more than ten kinds of drugs, and by courier, logistics Liaoning, Shandong, sold to Jiangsu, Guangdong, Yunnan, Heilongjiang and other places, the amount of sales of up to 500 yuan. The "Legal Daily" reporters today from the people’s Procuratorate Jingkou District Zhenjiang city of Jiangsu province was informed that the prosecution, 7 suspects by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate supervise the handling of major production and sales of counterfeit cases, were sentenced. Jingkou District procuratorate recently found that by combing the network system, the frequent cases of counterfeit sales, why? How to curb such crimes? Rental seized 3000 boxes of counterfeit in November 5, 2014, the Zhenjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau Jingkou Bureau received a clue, the area of a resident Zhang Kaili suspected of selling fake drugs. The police investigation, quickly arrested the suspect Zhang Kaili, and from the residence searched out "Kim ki insulin" 2824 boxes, nine kinds of stabilizing peptides "57 boxes, 380 boxes of sugar Baicao Kang". The food and drug supervision and management departments to identify, these so-called hypoglycemic and antihypertensive drugs are counterfeit. According to Zhang Kaili account, from December 2013 to November 2014, she knows the purchase "Kim ki insulin" "nine flavor regulated peptide is a fake, still use Taobao opened shop" baishang bloom 8008 "" Wang Chao 61888 ", to be sold through the Alipay settlement, logistics and express delivery way, the sales amount of 22 yuan. After investigation, Zhang Kaili confessed the fake from Henan man Wang Shuai purchased. On the same day, the Zhenjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau Jingkou bureau decided to set up a task force. Lasted nearly a month of time, actively cooperate with the Henan police, the Zhenjiang police to identify the basic Wang Shuai gang structure, hiding place, and in December 23, 2014 in Yunyang Town, Nanzhao County of Henan province arrested the suspect Wang Shuai. This fake group also surfaced. Homemade antidiabetic drugs salesman formula Wang Shuai was born in 1986, was originally a company of drugs and health care products salesman, daily work is provided by the telephone company and customer information, call one by one to sell our products. Find out the doorway, Wang Shuai found the production and sales of the "health" is a shortcut to quickly build up the family fortunes. In March 2012, Wang Shuai participated in a "drug rendezvous in Zhengzhou, he began to accumulate personal choice alone. After a period of market research, he will be locked in the product, hypoglycemic, antihypertensive drugs. The first problem Wang Shuai encountered was the drug formula. Through to the "Yaoyou circle of friends around, Wang Shuai that formula kinds of hypoglycemic and antihypertensive medicine are not an effect, in order to complete with all).相关的主题文章: