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Zhejiang sixty elderly to hide the disease incidence of death with a tourist group travel agency sentenced disclaimer – Beijing Beijing in November 2 Jiaxing Xinhua (trainee reporter correspondent Wang Gang Hai Wei) travel is to relax the horizons happy, unfortunately, in April this year, Zhejiang Jiaxing Haining week in over sixty years uncle a time to travel with the group in Mount Sanqingshan, died of sudden death. After the incident, the family will travel to court and claims 96 yuan. 2 days, reporters from Haining City People’s court heard that the hospital on the day before the trial of the case. Because the week uncle in the application s before the hiding of the disease during the trip, failed to correctly understand and pay attention to their own health, but also travel to corresponding obligations, the court of Zhou uncle family advocates accused the violation of security obligation, not timely rescue inadmissible, and sentenced travel exemption. In April 19th this year, Zhou uncle with a delegation to participate in the organization of Haining a travel agency of Mount Sanqingshan tourism. Can not think of, this trip has ruined his life. Uncle’s family sad under the travel agency reported to the Haining court. Week uncle’s family sued Ms. Lee said during the day weeks uncle in the bus ride times feel unwell, but did not cause the attention of tour guide didn’t provide first aid measures. Arrive at the destination after eight hours after the week uncle suddenly fainting, the tour guides are also just anxious crying and did not take emergency measures, such as the ambulance arrived to take him to hospital, after she died. Lee believes that the defendant travel agency as a professional travel service providers, but did not provide professional tour guides in the organization of tourism activities and the necessary emergency items, should bear the liability. Requires the defendant to compensate the loss of more than 96 yuan travel agency. The defendant but feel very aggrieved, in the whole journey, we do not have any fault. Secondly, after the investigation found that Zhou uncle is suffering from the disease, which he hid at the time of registration, we did not inform." Aunt Wang said witnesses in the trial, the vehicle at eight o’clock from Changan town of high-speed driving after half an hour, Zhou uncle said you feel boring, then from the back seat to the front seat. Did I ask him to do it? He said it doesn’t matter. It’s a little uncomfortable. To have lunch, when Uncle week share cigarettes suddenly fell to the ground. Then the guide hit 120, but the ambulance came, uncle went on the week. The court held that, Zhou uncle in the registration body offered no real inform the travel agency, and failed to correctly understand and pay attention to their own health status in the travel process, is an important reason for the accident. Secondly, during the journey, the defendant found parking in Zhou Dabo unwell after the break, has fulfilled the obligation of proper care, to guide emergency telephone call 120 after the incident, to take timely measures to rescue. The court held that the defendant’s claim was insufficient and made the above decision. (end)相关的主题文章: