Zhang Danfeng talk about marriage with Catherine Hung my wife, I let her violent temper (video) 7470d


Zhang Danfeng and Catherine Hung talk about marriage: Mrs. tempered I let her Catherine Hung and Zhang Danfeng sweet hand 44 or a small woman Beijing News recently, Zhang Danfeng and hot search, the cause is a reality show where he participated in a ballet dress embarrassed as. He has always said to others, "this year is particularly meaningful for me, because I have to pay tribute to their youth age, not only to shoot the drama" to youth ", but also to go back to school." Since the TV series, "thousands of bone" broadcast, so that more people are familiar with Zhang Danfeng, he and Catherine Hung’s sister love is always mentioned. But in fact, the two met, fell in love to marry the poor, even in those years the game is fundamentally taken in man. With marriage, bound by the love of 2004, Zhang Danfeng in the shooting drama, I would like to, and Hongkong actress Catherine Hung get to know. Less than a year, the two did not notify the parents on both sides of the registration of marriage. In 2009, two people held a wedding in Hongkong, Catherine Hung’s 9 year old son Mo Haolian as flower girl. In February 4, 2014, Zhang Danfeng’s wife Catherine Hung gave birth to her daughter Zhang Xitong. Recalled the first time, Zhang Danfeng seems a little shy, I was the first sentence asked her ‘I can not like you’." Hong Xinceng said, first of all, she was very interested in Zhang Danfeng, but never wanted to be with him, so when she first heard such a confession of the Zhang Danfeng, think for a long time, do not want to refuse and can not promise. "She said to me, ‘whatever you do,’ and I didn’t refuse. I’m happy. When I was a poor boy, then take only money and bought a lot of IP card, call every day, the constant pursuit of." Shortly after the official confirmation of the relationship, Zhang Danfeng began to propose an offensive. She promised to marry me, but I say it takes time, so after every call not to mind taking the trouble to marry him." Finally, Catherine Hung was afraid to hear the phone ring. "After all, we are in love. I think, the phone is not easy to break up. But if the collar collar, want to divorce, it is not so easy." At the beginning of a husband no money for his family to marry Zhang Danfeng Catherine Hung when he was a little money in the mainland couple. Zhang Danfeng thinks he is a heartless optimist, "Aries is nature that what is not happy, sleep to forget." But this is the kind of Zhang Danfeng, who also had a period of pressure alexander. "At that time no one asks me to make a movie, I am anxious face zhangdou. The man in the Northeast will be a bit of male chauvinism, when my wife is more famous than me." Before 2010, Zhang Danfeng had a long period of silence. "At that time actually my heart very anxious, but I don’t want to let her see, began to fitness, anyway, if you don’t have to do it, don’t let yourself idle, to enrich themselves. And entertainment is very passive, so we must take the initiative and positive." In Zhang Danfeng’s opinion, the cause of the change after 2010 took drama "the slightest heart", "shoot to know the teacher introduced her daughter Qiong Yao, I took a TV drama" new My Fair Princess "(Opera), the fact that the response is generally, but at least I is ginseng played some relatively hot topic.相关的主题文章: