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Youth film Godfather Zhang Yibai: Romance let the audience get out of the rut "passing from your world" posters at the age of 47, Zhang Yibai in the film has two "nickname". The first thing to listen to is very much like that, called "youth film Godfather", which comes from his 1998 TV drama "love to the end", starring Li Yapeng and Xu Jinglei. In the youth and entertainment are monotonous in the drama shoot the urban youth throb and worry. Today, many people still believe that the "love" and the subsequent film debut "spring subway", is one of the best works of Zhang Yibai. Second "nickname" is this a few years out, never mind it with art, but a bit of irony: "product manager". Zhang Yibai in 2014 to make a movie nine Ye Hui youth novel "that year a hurry a person, he arranged the producer, director, director of marketing, the cost of 40 million earned $500 million at the box office. But the abortion relates to the plot of the movie, is also a lot of audience in the "Chinese youth movie". Product manager subtext is to understand the market, in the entertainment industry, there may be more clear argument, there are routines". In addition to filming Zhang Yibai youth film, also produced include "smiled," very little "III ten peach" and a series of "Marysu IP" adapted works. Zhang Yibai once said that he had a concept of the film, is to look at the audience for the film. In an interview with the daily "curiosity", he said the reality is the city’s largest trivialization of anxiety, and the film’s "entertainment", "can bring the kind of escape from reality". In fact, when iron and light to the novel copyright, the first thought is Zhang Yibai. With that in mind, Zhang Yibai looks like a perfect fit for Zhang Jiajia’s million best seller, "the world is passing by.". The key characteristics of this book include "urban young chicken and fragmentation, every sentence in the pursuit of art or scripts. This is related to the author’s first popular path: "passing from your world" was originally called "bedtime story" series, with the "midnight chicken soup" style popular on micro-blog. These short stories get more than 400 million online reading. 2013 by the Hunan literature and art publishing paper books, sales of more than 4 million copies a year. The film adapted from the novel will be released in September 29th. If before the "warm" Wen Wen "chicken soup" has been in the book publishing industry set off a wave of the movie, it means that investors see the "IP effect" take a step forward. If you still don’t understand what is IP, Never mind, you only need to know a thing can be in a variety of ways to make money on it. We talked to Zhang Yibai about his definition of youth and his youth film. Perhaps you will have a better understanding of the market’s "youth shapers". Q: this time you shoot is a type of youth love. Zhang Yibai: it’s not youth. Q: do you think it’s a youth? Zhang Yibai: because these people (lead) has entered the society so long time, almost into the hands of society. Fortunately, because of their love.相关的主题文章: