Yi body Ling pill and other five kinds of drug serious illegal Chongqing will be sold out (video)-super bass


"Yi bodysoul pill" and other five kinds of drugs for serious violations of law Chongqing will stop selling Yi bodysoul pills, erlongtongqiao pills, Pu Jian capsules, lochen sunshine card coenzyme Q10 soft capsule, pay attention to buy these drugs to the people of Chongqing, the drugs are serious violations of law will stop sales in the Chongqing area. In September 21st, the Chongqing Municipal Food and Drug Administration issued a notice on the sale of serious illegal advertising products, such as "Yi body Ling pill", in the jurisdiction of Chongqing. Notice shows that marked Anyang Luther pharmaceutical limited liability company production of "Yi bodysoul pill" and other products during the period from 2016 6 to July publication of false advertising law, if the circumstances are serious, the existence of exaggerated products to (functions) the scope of violations of the law, serious fraud and misleading consumers. According to the relevant regulations, the Chongqing Municipal Food and Drug Administration Bureau decided that the products of "Yi body Ling pill", such as "Yi Shen Ling pill", were suspended in Chongqing area. The head of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration said that "Yi Shen Ling Wan" expanded the indications of products (functional indications), including the assertion of unscientific efficacy, or the confirmation of product efficacy in the name of patients. Another paragraph of this time in Chongqing was halted sales of the drug "erlongtongqiao pills", is to expand product indications (functions), containing unscientific assertions or guarantee, and proved by experts and patients on behalf of image for the product function. In addition, Henan Chudo biological production medical equipment product "cold dressing" is illegal, it will also be in Chongqing within the scope of sale. Municipal Food and Drug Administration requirements, all counties (autonomous counties) food and Drug Supervision Bureau, municipal food and Drug Inspection Corps in accordance with the "Drug Administration Law", "food safety law", "medical equipment supervision and management regulations", "Chongqing city food and Drug Administration on further improving of drugs involved in serious illegal advertising of medical devices take measures to suspend the sale of health food work notice" (Chongqing food and Drug Administration inspection 2013 No. 25) requirements, supervision within the jurisdiction of each to suspend the sale of the above-mentioned goods implementation. What is the current situation of these drugs in Chongqing? On the morning of 22, the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporters have visited many pharmacies in Shapingba, Jiulongpo, "Yi bodysoul pill" on the black list of drugs, there were not found to have sales. The food and Drug Administration said that from now on, if the public found that the above medicines and health products were sold within the scope of Chongqing, they could immediately complain to the Chongqing food and drug complaint hotline 12331. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Wang Shan video only for extended reading, not related to this article Chengdu – the highest reward of 600 thousand yuan to report food and drug illegal behavior

“益身灵丸”等五种药品严重违法 重庆将停售益身灵丸、耳聋通窍丸、普健硒胶囊,乐健阳光牌辅酶Q10软胶囊,购买过这些药品的重庆市民注意了,上述药品均严重违法,将在重庆范围内停止销售。9月21日,重庆市食药监局发布关于暂停“益身灵丸”等严重违法广告产品在重庆辖区内销售的通告。通告显示,标示为安阳路德药业有限责任公司生产的“益身灵丸”等产品于2016年6至7月期间发布虚假违法广告,情节严重,存在夸大产品适应(功能主治)范围等违法问题,严重欺骗和误导消费者。根据相关规定,重庆市食药监局研究决定,即日起对“益身灵丸”等产品在重庆辖区内采取暂停销售措施。市食药监局相关负责人表示,“益身灵丸”扩大产品适应症(功能主治)范围,含有不科学地表示功效的断言或保证以患者名义为产品功效作证明等。而另一款本次被叫停在重庆销售的药品“耳聋通窍丸”,则扩大产品适用症(功能主治)范围,含有不科学地表示功效的断言或保证,并以专家和患者名义形象为产品功效作证明。此外,河南天中堂生物生产的医疗器械类产品“冷敷敷料”也存在违法行为,其也将在重庆范围内停售。市食药监局要求,各区县(自治县)食品药品监管分局,市食品药品监督稽查总队按照《药品管理法》、《食品安全法》、《医疗器械监督管理条例》、《重庆市食品药品监督管理局关于进一步做好对严重违法广告涉及的药品医疗器械保健食品采取暂停销售措施工作的通知》(渝食药监稽查〔2013〕25号)要求,做好各辖区内暂停销售上述产品的监督实施工作。这些药品目前在重庆的下架情况如何?22日上午,上游新闻-重庆晨报记者先后前往沙坪坝、九龙坡区的多家药房,“益身灵丸”等登上黑榜药品,目前均未发现有销售。食药监部门表示,即日起,市民若再发现上述药品、保健品在重庆范围内销售,可立即向重庆市食品药品举报投诉热线12331进行投诉。上游新闻-重庆晨报记者 王珊视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 成都——举报食品药品违法行为 最高奖励60万元相关的主题文章: