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"Yangtze River map" grand premiere film interpretation of film Tencent ingenuity entertainment news the evening of September 6th, produced by Beijing Jinxiu pictures, Tianjiao times, new director Yang Chao’s magic realism movie "Yangtze River map" held at the world premiere in Beijing. In addition to the director Yang Chao, starring Xin Zhilei, Wu Lipeng, the famous producer Wu Xueqin, the famous film curator Tan Fei creative debut, the famous director You Xiaogang, musician Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou and songwriter Lu Gengxu have also arrived at the scene to help out. The film breaking strength of ink texture ignition gap "Yangtze River map" tells the story of Qin Hao’s captain Xin Zhilei played with the Yangtze River through the woman of a handwritten poems "Yangtze River map", two people completed through time, to create a "I live in the Yangtze River head, you live long Jiang Wei, is separated by time and space. With all twenty years of staggered story". Premiere of the Yangtze River map 4K version of the film to show the perfect texture and advantages, to the audience to show a completely different and full of poetic charm. Exquisite scenes, the story of ups and downs and a soothing background music let the audience hooked, the film will be the poem and picture fusion, led the audience not to place the picture at. "Yangtze River map" which not only broke the film in the age, culture, gender and other aspects of the "suspended" phenomenon, and truly "national level" of literary works. The theme song for the first time to play the MV premiere, director Yang Chao and Xin Zhilei, Wu Lipeng and other creative in the process of shooting drip records MV, shared the laughter and sweat behind the film realistic, let the audience see movies outside of the story. The film explores the Oriental Art recast the domestic film "Yangtze River map" is the ingenuity of the production team for ten years, the entire film, "a fine art film to create a pure hand". It uses the profound humanities connotation and the exquisite picture detail to create the domestic literature and art movie "tall" new image. In the movie Chinese depression in recent years, it is only a 2016 gains Berlin Film Festival, and it is likely to be the last film China. The film reflects the beauty of Chinese culture, the beauty of mountains and rivers, as well as the beauty of human nature, the real reduction of the Yangtze River along the Oriental charm. As the film producer, producer Wu Xueqin said, "art film is the domestic film last feelings, whether we have to compete, awards, just stick China film’s courage and dreams." In the meat rampant film market, "the Yangtze River map" with stick to the film perfect interpretation of the film industry’s artisan spirit set a new benchmark for China literary film.相关的主题文章: