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Yang Yang to the fans poured cold water: you are not to marry the man I – Anhui channel — "here no matter how beautiful, eighteen of Mao and litchi, have become shacheng……" The movie "passing from your world" currently being hit, Yang Yang as the "Polytechnic warm Man Mao eighteen love invention appliances, and can engage in one of his girlfriend, the full range of care and love lychee fancy even sacrifice for love, become the biggest tear gas. "Passing from your whole world" is not the first movie of Yang Yang, but it is the first "disguised". Yang Yang said he was in love with the henhouse head, wearing black rimmed glasses, a reporter from the image, but also must end Chen (Deng Chaoshi), PigHead (Yue Yunpeng ornaments), Mao eighteen (Yang Yangshi) selected one of the most love people, then all look forward to the answer is "Mao eighteen". At this time he was a big twenty – headed boy. The role of Mao eighteen "all the wisdom in love" and the movie "passing from your world", Yang Yang’s "love Daoteng electric technology Indoorsman" Mao eighteen, Chen end mouth "no dream of the inventor". He often because of the invention of the trouble, has also attracted the attention of Litchi (Bai Baihe decoration), two people had a romantic love story in the process of catching up in. In the eyes of Yang Yang, Mao eighteen is a lover: "he is very brave, put all his wisdom in love. His fairy tale love is the envy of me. " "This model has a subversive change compared to the previous role," Yang Yang said of his style in the play. He said, wearing black frame glasses or his own suggestion: "I gave myself a pair of glasses, and the lenses were very thick. At the time of the play, the people are very careful and get a lot of fingerprints on the lenses, and it looks more dirty. " In order to get closer to the character’s status, Yang Yang didn’t go out of the room every day or wash his hair. "When I’m at home, I will relax a little and don’t take care of myself." Yang Yang said with a smile, this may be more down to earth the role of him, "maybe one day you can play in the village of silly son". Though it was the first time to cooperate with Deng Chao, Yang Yang felt very cordial: "super brother is like a big parent. He is there in the drama group. He will think a lot of things very well. He will gather people together to reduce alienation between each other. " As for Yue Yunpeng, Yang Yang laughed and said, "in fact, the little Yue Yue, when he saw the outsider, was not very good at words and was more silent, and there was a difference in life and on the stage. Of course, he familiar with or is to talk to, he always says some funny joke, an expression can amuse you uproarious." In the play, Mau eighteen is a gentle and delicate warm man. She will be shy to see a girl. Once he falls in love with a person, he will give her everything. The sparks between Yang Yang and Bai Baihe made this CP the warmest pair in the film. Asked about the secret, play the emotion of Yang Yang said, it depends on the cooperation of both sides: "white sister is a great actor, her own character and litchi is like, she would make me relax. I was very nervous at first, and the group was a very top actor. I was afraid to drag my legs. " (Liu Ying, commissioning editor Zhang Lei) the role of the Xiao Nai "I won’t let people bully my woman" brought Yang Yang, had earlier period of popular screen TV drama "smiled very little". For the heat degree of the play, Yang Yang admits that in the morning, "the original novel is a well-known IP, and Xiao Nai is the man God class character in the heart of the novel fans." He also admits that any man who wants to be such a big God, especially the Virgo, wants to be the best. The play, Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang staged the "fancy show affection to envy others. Yang Yang said the biggest gain in the play was: "let me experience the sweet sense of love in life and the campus life of ordinary college students." Because I was reading a military school before, and there was no school atmosphere that was as relaxing as they were. " If he had a girlfriend, would he be like shaet? Yang Yang said she would have her own ideas and practices, but one thing is the same. That’s the infinite favor: "I will spoil her very much, because she is my woman, and I will not let others bully her." From Zhang Qiling in tomb robbery to Xiao Nai in the tiny smile, Yang Yang’s handsome appearance is revealed. But some people also question that the characters he moulded is too cold and rigid. In this regard, Yang Yang said: "I play the role of extreme, if he is a high cold person, I will perform the extreme cold. Like shanay, the high colder in the novel is actually more exaggerated than that of the novel. When I was playing, I was thinking about whether it would be too rigid, but later it didn’t matter, because there were many other works, and each piece had different feelings. Xiao Nai did let more people like me, and it was a kind of affirmation to me. " "A dream of Red Mansions", "beautiful time", "e", "energy-saving new Luo"…… The number of Yang Yang’s early works is quite a few, but there are few "bursts", or even a rough "thunder drama". Last year’s drama "Tomb robbery notes" and the film "left ear" made the audience start to notice the beautiful "little meat". For all the works of the past, Yang Yang did not regret it: "for me, every time is a rare opportunity to learn. It’s good to be able to try more. " For example, Yang Yang’s experience of filming before the green screen has made him feel the experience of filming. It has been the first fantasy story in the real sense of the movie "Sansheng three worlds, ten li peach blossoms". He admits that filming before the green curtain is a bit boring: "because it’s hard to play on your own imagination, because you don’t know what the effect is at last." For the unreal theme of the TV series, "martial arts," Yang Yang said, "ha ha, it depends on special effects!" (Liu Ying, commissioning editor Zhang Lei) role actor little meat life experience restricted "former professional dance Yang Yang, Li Shaohong starred in the 2008 version of the TV series" a dream of Red Mansions "in adult Jia Baoyu corner and go on the road performing formal. After that, the drama, costume, ROC, youth, and other types of villain role of Yang Yang have tried to: "I am not afraid of being typecast, because if you love me, will not only focus on my work. I want the role to be recognized by everyone, and then everyone will pay attention to me. " In recent years, with "left ear", "Tomb notes", "smiled very little" and other film and television works, Yang Yang ranks among the domestic popular actor, but he said that his most love role is always the next: "I’m growing up, I always look forward to the next role to have a greater breakthrough. Now look back on the role played before, there are some shortcomings, and some success. I have always been confident of myself, and I believe there will be a chance to get the role I like. " Yang Yang, who is born in the army, is a tall and upright appearance, either in the play or in a variety show. "I want to build a positive image and bring positive energy to everyone," he said. Because he has a unique complex of soldiers. He also wants to challenge more men’s role in the future: "I feel so strong in my bones, so I really want to try a masculine and tough role." For the image, Yang Yang also said: "if no idol burden is a good script, shave what buzz, the image I will absolutely." The handsome "little fresh meat" often gives the impression of "not acting". For the acting, Yang Yang bluntly said that he was not good at evaluating, to the audience: "the present young actor, and the super brother (Deng Chao) period actor is different. We don’t have much experience in life. Because of the reasons such as online speech and fans’ attention, some things that people want to try in life may be greatly restricted, which has a great impact on enriching their experience. But he also expressed his confidence in himself: "I don’t know what the others are, and I don’t have any pressure on me." I will also pay attention to the evaluation, but it will not be greatly affected. I believe the actors want to speak with their works. " (Liu Ying, commissioning editor Zhang Lei) the role of "idol fans should have their own life" in "passing from your world" in the so-called "ugly" in the eyes of Yang Yang, many fans are Meng Meng shuai". Is Nagaai Tatomi a restriction? Yang Yang did not agree: "you see Leonardo, he was so long and handsome, and now he is very handsome, but the audience recognizes his acting very well. I think the most important thing is not the actors themselves, but the charms of the actors. " Will it be like Leonardo to challenge the movie of the wilderness hunter? Yang Yang laughed and meditated for a few seconds: "that is something to try, but at this stage I can’t imagine having such a role to find me." When I think I should do something, I am at this age now. I hope I can bring you something that I can show at this time, and I will not regret anything later. Today’s high popularity is a lot of trouble for Yang Yang. "Now, there are many fans and planes to pick up planes every time they fly. Actually, I think they need to have their own life and need to enrich themselves. I can understand the enthusiasm of the fans, but for me, I want them to do more of them. They can support me, but don’t do something excesses. " In Yang Yang’s eyes, the work is more important than human popularity: "until now, I don’t think how important it is. And a good work can get more attention from the industry, there will be more good opportunities, and will make the audience more impressive. " Fans usually like to call their idol "husband", but Yang Yang is throwing cold water directly: "I am an actor, but I am more of an ordinary person and have my own life. It’s impossible for fans to talk to me for a lifetime of love, and they can’t be the one who eventually married me, and that’s no way. " For the drama of "duer" such as kissing drama and bed show, Yang Yang smiled and said, "real fans want to see that I can show well in their works. Although they say they are uncomfortable, they will continue to support me." In fact, stars tend to be more hungry for private space in a day when they are "blocked" by fans. Yang Yang also acknowledged: "everyone wants to have more time to relax and not be bound. The actor is also human and wants to have his own life, which is reasonable. " The private Yang Yang is not a house, he likes to live full and full of life, and enjoy the time on the journey. For a long time, he had no leisure time. He looked forward to it: "if I have a week’s vacation now, I will travel with my parents, and I may suddenly fly to a place with sea. I feel very relaxed at the seaside." (Liu Ying, commissioning editor Zhang Lei) interview notes with regret and relief frankly, Yang Yang’s interview process is not very smooth. When I was 1.5 hours away from the appointed time, I was informed by the other party that the interview should be started in half an hour in advance. The reason is: "when Yang Yang is here, we can start." In Beijing, where the traffic is worried, it is necessary to give up lunch time in an hour to get from the three ring to the third ring of the north. The second "conflict" is about the interview outline. Yang Yang’s publicist asked to delete all the questions about dance and family. For example, why do you learn to dance and why do you take the actor’s road? "What kind of family life do you yearn for?" Are these problems a "taboo"? It was later heard that the media interviewed on that day almost all suffered a variety of "interludes", and the questions were interrupted and the time had been urged… But in a few days ago, I saw another newspaper published an article about Yang Yang in an interview with the manuscript, there is such a few words: "the moment into the interview room, and Yang Yang is the staff before an interview to communicate, he said he wanted to express one of the most authentic self. As he knew about his hairstyle, he knew exactly what he was fit for and how to express it. The "previous interview" mentioned in the article is an interview with the reporter of the Yangcheng Evening News. I don’t know what kind of person Yang Yang is in my life, but it’s still very touching. An artist is a living, thoughtful person, not a machine made by his team. True to the person who likes you, will win real love, isn’t it? The original memory of the interview was unpleasant, regrettable, and helpless, but now, there are some gratifying things. (commissioning editor Liu Ying and Zhang Lei)

杨洋给粉丝泼冷水:你不可能是嫁给我的那个人–安徽频道–人民网 “这里无论多美丽,对茅十八和荔枝来说,都已经成为沙城……”电影《从你的全世界路过》目前正在热映中,杨洋饰演的“理工暖男”茅十八喜欢倒腾电器、一心搞发明,而他对女友荔枝全方位呵护、花式示爱甚至为爱牺牲,成为全片最大的催泪弹。 《从你的全世界路过》不是杨洋的第一部电影,却是第一次“扮丑”。杨洋表示很喜欢片中顶着鸡窝头、戴黑框眼镜的邋遢形象,还一定要记者从陈末(邓超饰)、猪头(岳云鹏饰)、茅十八(杨洋饰)中选出一个最喜欢的人,然后满脸期待着答案是“茅十八”。这个时候的他,就是一个二十出头的普通大男孩。 角色 茅十八 “所有智慧都用在了爱情上” 电影《从你的全世界路过》中,杨洋饰演喜欢倒腾电器的“技术宅男”茅十八,是陈末口中“没有梦想的发明家”。他经常因为发明而闯祸,也因此吸引了荔枝(白百何饰)的注意,两人在不断追赶的过程中发生了浪漫的爱情故事。在杨洋眼中,茅十八是个情圣:“他很勇敢,把自己所有的智慧都用在了爱情上。他的这种童话般的爱情,是我非常羡慕的。” 对于自己在戏中的造型,杨洋说:“这次的造型跟以前的角色相比有颠覆性的改变。”他透露,戴黑框眼镜还是他自己提的建议:“我给自己配了一副眼镜,镜片特别厚。每天拍戏的时候,剧组的人很细心,还会在镜片上弄很多指纹,看上去更脏。”为了更贴近角色的状态,杨洋每天不出房间也不洗头:“平时宅在家的时候,我也会放松一点,不太打理自己。”杨洋笑称,这次之后可能会有更多接地气的角色找上他,“没准儿哪天就演村里的傻儿子了”。 虽然是第一次跟邓超合作,但杨洋感觉十分亲切:“超哥就像一个大家长,剧组里有他在,很多事情都会想得很周到。他会把大家聚在一起,减少彼此之间的疏离感。”至于岳云鹏,杨洋笑着说:“其实小岳岳见到外人的时候不太善言辞,比较沉默,生活中和台上是有反差的。当然,跟他熟了以后还是很聊得来,他经常说一些好玩的段子,一个表情就能逗得大家捧腹大笑。” 戏中,茅十八是个温柔细腻的暖男,见到女生会害羞,一旦爱上一个人就会为她献出一切。杨洋与白百何之间的火花让这对CP成为片中最暖心的一对。被问及拍感情戏的秘笈,杨洋表示,这其实要看双方的配合:“白姐是一个很棒的演员,她本身的性格和荔枝也很像,她会逗我让我放松。刚开始我其实很紧张,组里都是很顶尖的演员,我很怕拖后腿。” (责编:刘颖、张磊) 角色 肖奈 “我不会让人欺负我的女人” 提起杨洋,不得不提前段时间火爆荧屏的电视剧《微微一笑很倾城》。对于该剧的火热程度,杨洋坦言一早预料到了:“原著小说就是很知名的IP,肖奈在小说迷的心中是男神级的人物。”他也承认,任何一个男人都想成为这样的大神级人物,尤其是处女座的他,凡事都希望做到最好。 剧中,杨洋和郑爽上演的“花式秀恩爱”羡煞旁人。杨洋称,出演该剧最大的收获就是:“让我体验到了生活中恋爱的甜蜜感以及普通大学生的校园生活。因为我之前读的是军校,没有过像他们那样放松的学校氛围。”如果有了女朋友,他会像肖奈对微微那样吗?杨洋表示会有自己的想法和做法,但有一点是一致的,那就是无限的宠爱:“我会非常宠溺她,因为她是我的女人,我不会让别人欺负她。” 从《盗墓笔记》里的张起灵,到《微微一笑很倾城》里的肖奈,杨洋的帅气展露无遗,但也有人质疑他塑造的人物过于高冷、僵硬。对此,杨洋表示:“我演角色会走极端,如果他是高冷的人,我会把高冷演到极致。像肖奈,小说里的高冷其实比拍出来的更夸张。我演的时候也在考虑一直这样会不会过于死板,但后来觉得不重要了,因为还有很多别的作品,每部作品都有不同的感觉。肖奈确实让更多的人喜欢我,对我来说也是一种肯定。” 《红楼梦》、《美丽e时代》、《花开半夏》、《新洛神》……杨洋早年的作品数量不少,但鲜有“爆款”,甚至不乏制作粗糙的“雷剧”。去年的网剧《盗墓笔记》和电影《左耳》,让观众开始注意到这个长相俊美的“小鲜肉”。对于过往所有的作品,杨洋表示并不后悔:“对我来说,每次都是难得的学习机会。演员能够多尝试,就是很好的事。”比如《微微一笑很倾城》,就让杨洋体验了在绿幕前拍戏的感觉,而已经杀青的电影《三生三世十里桃花》则是他真正意义上的第一部玄幻题材作品。他坦言,在绿幕前拍戏有一点枯燥:“因为只能靠自己的想象,演着演着就没劲儿了,因为你不知道最后做出来的是什么效果。”对于即将开拍的同为玄幻题材的电视剧《武动乾坤》,杨洋笑道:“哈哈,就靠特效了!” (责编:刘颖、张磊) 角色 演员 “小鲜肉的生活阅历受限制” 舞蹈专业出身的杨洋,2008年出演李少红版电视剧《红楼梦》中成年贾宝玉一角而正式走上演艺道路。在那之后,正剧、古装、民国、青春、反派等类型的角色杨洋都曾经尝试过:“我不怕被定型,因为如果大家喜欢我,不会只关注我的一部作品。我希望角色得到大家的认可,然后大家再来关注我这个人。” 近年来,凭借《左耳》、《盗墓笔记》、《微微一笑很倾城》等影视作品,杨洋跻身国内人气小生行列,他却表示自己最喜欢的角色永远都是下一个:“我在不断成长,总是期待下一个角色有更大的突破。现在回头来看之前演的角色,有一些不足,也有一些成功。我始终对自己有信心,相信一定会有机会接到自己喜欢的角色。” 军人出身的杨洋,无论是在戏里还是参加综艺节目,都是一副身姿挺拔的样子。他说:“我希望树立正面的形象,给大家带来正能量。”因为对军人有着独特的情结,未来他也希望挑战更多有男子气概的角色:“我觉得自己骨子里有那个劲儿,所以很想尝试阳刚硬朗的角色。”对于形象,杨洋也表示完全没有偶像包袱:“如果是很好的剧本,剃个寸头什么的,形象上我会绝对配合。” 长得帅气的“小鲜肉”往往给人“不会演戏”的印象。对于演技,杨洋直言自己不好评价,要观众来说:“现在的年轻演员,和超哥(邓超)那个时期的演员是有区别的。我们没有太多的生活阅历,因为网络言论、粉丝关注等原因,生活中一些很想去尝试的东西就可能受到很大的限制,这对丰富阅历有很大的影响。”但他也表示对自己有信心:“不知道其他人怎么样,我自己没有什么压力。大家的评价我也会关注,但不会受到很大的影响。我相信演员都想用作品来说话。” (责编:刘颖、张磊) 角色 偶像 “粉丝都应该有自己的生活” 在《从你的全世界路过》中号称“扮丑”的杨洋,在很多粉丝眼中却是“萌萌的帅”。长相太俊美是不是一种限制?杨洋并不认同:“你看莱昂纳多,他以前长得多好看,现在长得也很帅,但观众也很认可他的演技。我觉得最重要的不是演员自己,而是角色赋予演员的魅力。”会像莱昂纳多一样挑战《荒野猎人》那样的电影吗?杨洋笑着沉思了几秒钟:“那是一定要尝试的,但现在这个阶段我不敢想象会有这样的角色找到我。我觉得什么时期就应该做什么事,我现在处于这样的年龄,就希望能够多给大家带来一些在这个时候能够展现的、以后让我不会有遗憾的东西。” 如今的高人气,对杨洋来说有许多困扰:“现在每次坐飞机都会有很多粉丝跟机、接机,其实我觉得她们需要有自己的生活,需要去充实自己。我能理解粉丝的热情,但对我来说,更希望她们多做一些自己的事。她们可以支持我,但不要做一些过激的事情。”在杨洋眼中,作品是比人气更重要的东西:“一直到现在,我都没有觉得人气有多么重要。而一部好的作品可以得到更多业内人士的关注,就会有更多好的机会,也会令观众的印象更加深刻。” 粉丝通常喜欢喊自己的偶像作“老公”,但杨洋很直接地泼冷水:“我是个演员,而我更是个普通人,有自己的生活。粉丝不可能和我谈一辈子的恋爱,她们也不可能是最终嫁给我的那个人,这是没有办法的事情。”对于吻戏、床戏等“掉粉”的戏份,杨洋笑着说:“真正的粉丝都希望看到我在作品中能有很好的展现,她们虽然嘴上说好难受,但其实内心还是会继续支持我的。” 其实,在每天被粉丝“围堵”的日子里,明星们往往更渴求私人空间。杨洋也承认:“大家都希望自己能有更多时间可以放松、不受约束。演员也是人,也希望有自己的生活,这很合情理。”私底下的杨洋一点都不宅,他喜欢把生活过得充实而饱满,喜欢在旅途中享受时光。已经很久没有闲暇时间的他憧憬着:“如果现在有一个星期的假期,我会带着爸妈出去旅行,可能突然就飞到一个有海的地方,我觉得在海边可以很放松。” (责编:刘颖、张磊) 采访手记 遗憾和欣慰 坦白讲,采访杨洋的过程并不算十分顺利。 距约定好的时间还有一个半小时的时候,我接到对方的通知,说采访要提前半个小时进行,理由是:“我们家杨洋都到了,就可以开始了。”在交通状况堪忧的北京,要一个小时内从南三环赶到北三环,只能放弃吃午饭的时间了。第二个“冲突”是关于采访提纲内容,杨洋的宣传人员要求删掉所有关于“舞蹈”、“家庭”的问题,比如:“学舞蹈出身的你,为什么会走演员这条路?”“你向往的家庭生活是什么样的?”难道这些问题也成了“禁忌”?后来听说,那天采访的媒体几乎都遭遇了各种各样的“插曲”,提问被打断、时间未到就被催…… 但在几天前,我看到了另一家报纸刊登的一篇关于杨洋的专访稿件,里面有这样一段话:“走进采访间的那一刻,杨洋正在和工作人员就前一个采访进行沟通,他说他希望表达一个最真实的自己。就像他了解他的发型一样,他很明确地知道自己适合什么,如何去表达。”文中提到的“前一个采访”,正是指羊城晚报记者的采访。我并不了解生活里的杨洋是个怎样的人,但对这番话,还是很有感触。 艺人是活生生的、有思想的人,而不应该是其团队打造的赚钱机器。真实地面对喜欢你的人,才会赢得真实的爱,不是么?原本对于这次专访的记忆,有不快、有遗憾、有无奈,但现在,多了些许欣慰。 (责编:刘颖、张磊)相关的主题文章: