Yang Mi short hair stand up, but after 10 years old, but why 9c8950


Yang Mi short hair stand up, but after 10 years old, but why? So somebody cut the hair on the counter attack why someone hot eyes? In fact, there is an important principle to cut short hair: 5.5cm rule. In simple terms, it is the amount of vertical distance between your ears to the chin is no more than 5.5cm, which is in the manual distinguish partial long face and short face. If you happen to be in the vicinity of 5.5cm students, Congratulations, you Hin suitable for short hair. Longer than 5.5cm face, it is more suitable for long hair over the shoulder. For example, baby is not suitable for short hair, because it does not meet the principle. In addition, more hair is used to modify the face, so the type of short hair should be done according to the face. For example, the heart-shaped face of Yang Mi, Ivy Chen. Lob hair is more suitable for the end of the hair slightly inside the button. Click to play GIF 1470K mandibular comparison of the younger sister, suitable for shorter hair, you can modify the face. But hair color can not be capricious ah, do not believe you see which you choose Song Jia. The girl goes, all-match face, head bob or tomboy head, very good-looking. Since the choice of short hair, it is necessary to do a good job every day to prepare ah, good hair blowing, a good volume, do not be lazy, and then let the hair stick on the scalp, otherwise it will become…相关的主题文章: