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Xue Wenjun "catcher" dark ending strength deduction double character insurance fine points – Sohu Xue Wenjun entertainment "catcher" dark plays Xie Fei Sohu entertainment directed by renowned director Liu Xiaochun, the strength of the actor Xue Wenjun starring crime, suspense theme drama "burn brain" has perfect dark fishing in Henan TV, before ending. The play, Xue Wenjun interpretation of the two character different characters with nuanced performance perfect, with handsome appearance and superb acting, captured a large number of audience, the strength of ring powder. The name of the details of Xue Wenjun crafted superb acting people, reducing crime FM burning brain suspense theme drama "dark fishing" tells the police captain Xing Sichuan renamed surface after the external force to the latent psychology expert Xie Fei to the police, ostensibly to assist the police to solve the case, as it is with undercover mission lurking in the police team through a pile of cases, follow it eventually arrested the number one wanted the story behind the scenes. TV drama "dark" to catch a big clue as the main line, main line has many small clues, each case between interlocking, ultimately, will be directed at a. Many perplexing case, whirling, making the suspense drama, suspicions, called the burning brain a stream. One side is calm and indifferent, calm and capable police captain Xing Chuan, the other side is the criminal psychology expert Xie Fei humorous, handsome and unruly ruffian, how do the interpretation of polyhedral trait characters, different between switching, in addition to acting is more of the actor’s comprehensive quality tests. In fact, Xue Wenjun Xie Fei can restore the height of the role set, whether it is acting or lines, a look of a movement, behavior, is to place all not pondering micro expressions, a vertical eye eyebrow micro smooth lips to the audience passed out of character’s mood. A nuanced performance not only to restore a classic "two faced" people, making Xie Fei’s characters more full stereo, is captured in a large audience. Many viewers have said: Xue Wenjun is the right way to open the Xie Fei". This Xue Wenjun said: "if you want to play so well to do FM set, minutes to prepare fine points". Xue Wenjun eyes always kill online interpretation of "obviously reliable face wayward spell talent" a drama of success, the election is crucial to the actor, "dark fishing" in the choice of actors is carefully polished considerations. Director Liu Xiaochun on the role when he said: "because this role requires one who played on both sides and the inner game is very rich, so the actors requirements are very high, in addition to acting, the eyes are also key considerations of this role, but at the first sight of Xue Wenjun, the firm he is the one I’m looking for Xie Fei". The play, as his subordinate to the police captain, vigorous and resolute, eyes not rub sand; the boss agrees, filled with loyal eyes; his eyes sharp can even kill the enemy; and in the face of love of his old classmates, eyes are full of tenderness and pity and love – – – – – – different eyes transfer of different emotions, sometimes like wild storms sometimes, softly, discretion is the test of skill. Some critics say Xue Wenjun’s eyes is a suspenseful drama of a burning brain相关的主题文章: