Wulong scenic area sued the Transformers 4 acquired new network – in sentencing dingxiangwuyuetian


Wulong scenic area sued the "Transformers 4" – the day after tomorrow sentencing Chongqing Beijing evening news is national fans concerned about the scenic spots of Wulong sued the "Transformers 4" film case, from July 2014 to now has been sued over the past two years, this field for the movie screen "China without Wulong" logo, Wulong scene by many misunderstanding that Hongkong. The day after tomorrow in the dispute, the Chongqing third intermediate people’s court sentenced. In April 26th this year, the Chongqing evening news reporter as a witness, witnessed the whole process of the Chongqing tourism industry for the first time foreign trial proceedings. On the same day, 4 commissioned lawyers intense evidence, cross examination, focusing on the delay of litigation, the implantation of default, the negative impact of the three China Wulong logo is not implanted controversial issues debate. The first American paramount, the second defendants 1950 (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a counter claim, the plaintiff payment deferred payment and other expenses 12 million 458 thousand yuan. On the court, the defendant lawyers said that the film has fully demonstrated Wulong born three? Scenic landscape and natural landscape, and in the film the most important turning point in the plot set in Wulong born three? Camera footage to the scenic spot, good publicity to the Wulong scenic area, has basically reached the purpose of cooperation. The film side found out after the release due to too late to modify the landmark words, in the subsequent DVD carrier distribution, TV and digital broadcast platform, has conducted a timely remedy. The film version is not embedded in Wulong logo, not only perfect and incomplete, there is no breach of contract. Wulong scenic whether or not get paid? Wulong district attorney told the Chongqing evening news reporter, the case is full of confidence. Both the plaintiff and the defendant have recognized the fact that the "China Wulong" logo has not been implanted, but there are different understandings on the extent of contract breach. "If one party thinks that the contract is flawed, the other party thinks that the contract has a fundamental breach of contract." Chongqing evening news reporter Li Lang相关的主题文章: