Wu move back boot Zhang Li after the martial arts legend ingenuity create epic (video)


"Wu move back" boot Zhang Li Create Legend of martial arts epic Yang Yang ingenuity after shooting "Wu move back" the starting ceremony held by the Tianjin blue Tencent Entertainment Television Media Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "blue film"), Youku, Beijing century culture media Co., Ltd. partner Huoerguosi yoursky television media Co., Ltd. jointly produced the famous director. Zhang Li in the TV adaptation directed, "Confessions of a gold network fiction writer energy-saving novel of the same name Wu move back" in Xiangshan in November 14th held the starting ceremony, the famous director Zhang Lixie, starring Yang Yang Zhang Tianai and Wu Chun at the scene. "Wu move back" Confessions of gold network writer adaptation energy-saving novel of the same name, is also the first film showing the IP film. It is reported that the male and female advocate Yang Yang day will officially enter the group shot, with the popularity of popular niche artistes will jointly perform different kind of chivalrous. A powerful and unconstrained style encounter a "Uncle" to create a generation of ingenuity and fantasy martial arts after "Wu move back" invited "national treasure" directed by the famous director Zhang Li in the drama ", is the first test of martial arts costume drama directed after Uncle Li", is a new challenge and try. Director Zhang Li had personally directed the "human right is the vicissitudes of life", "the forty-nine Day Festival", "marshal ·" and many other historical war theme, pattern of grand works, and by virtue of his perspective on the history of new interpretation and shaping of the characters, is approved by the industry and the audience. Eventually, "Wu move back" will be multi angle reduction Chinese flavor, creating the legendary story belongs to Chinese Zhang Li, director for the precise moderation of historical elements, martial arts elements plus the story itself has, will add vitality to show texture. It is worth mentioning that, "Wu move back" is the blue film focused on the introduction of this masterpiece drama. The film will also invest heavily in production, with the top writers, post effects, art modeling team, ensure the youth blood more inspirational legend three-dimensional show on the screen. After the mysterious martial arts era to the masses, fantasy and endless imagination and creative team effort to build a "high-quality, boutique drama" will be swept. Yang blood mix dense love bowel in the war ended the war writing drama "legendary chapter" will Wu move back a vivid display of wilderness Lin young (Yang Yang ornaments) in revenge on the road met a lover and friend, and constantly go beyond the self, in many tests in place to recognize their own "I", the ultimate success a Wu Jing heaven and earth, the hand moves the legend of martial arts epic. As everyone knows, director Zhang Li’s drama is full of feelings, and the "home country" from father revenge "ego" to save the troubled times of the "I", "home country" feeling is to support the "Wu", the story line. "Heaven and earth" in the novel Wu move between the lines revealed a blood line of the chivalrous sonorous, TV series will inherit its blood and spirit to fight the war ended the "big love" theme and through the ups and downs of the plot and sublimation, full of martial era chivalrous feelings. In addition to "show the country" feelings, "Wu", the youth inspirational elements of multi CP parallel blending, sentimental feelings and mutual crisscross, Qingyang.相关的主题文章: