Worry about plastic become disfigured Secret plastic surgery eight cognitive errors


Worry about plastic become disfigured? Secret plastic surgery eight public perception of the wrong number of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (text: beauty expert Hou Dianju micro-blog) when it comes to plastic, are you both heart and heart? Incredible plastic tragedy has occurred, it really has to fear. But in addition to fear, do you ever wonder why these tragedies happen? Most of the time, not all the doctor’s fault, the wrong understanding of plastic surgery is a very important reason. Error 1: think plastic surgery will leave ugly scars left an ugly scar on breast ptosis correction, abdominoplasty like major surgery scars, many doctors believe that for the United States, the technique determines the scars of beauty and ugliness. The vast majority of plastic surgery experts believe that the appearance of the scar actually depends on genetic factors. A skilled surgeon can do exactly the same thing on two different people, but it is possible that one of them is beautifully healed and the other is not. The person with darker skin or natural scar constitution, the risk of scar after plastic surgery to be much larger. Error 2: do not check the doctor qualification not carefully check qualified doctors now there are many ordinary surgeons claiming to be a plastic surgeon, or can do plastic surgery, and a few general surgeons did will do a professional plastic surgeon will do the surgery, but even so, the whole shape must also find a professional qualification orthopedic doctors, so in order to ensure the safety of. Imagine, do gynecological examination, suddenly caught a glimpse of the next Department of gynaecology in the injection of botulinum toxin, this picture will make you uncomfortable? Error 3: believe that crude Beauty Center believes that a simple study of environmental beauty center, American Association of plastic and reconstructive surgery in 2008 showed that more than 75% of the doctors said they knew many walk in every Beauty Center for the United States to plastic counterparts. In fact, this phenomenon is not uncommon in china. If the doctor is very professional, technology is good, it is still lucky. The fear is that, "go" the doctor is not fine, plus the poor environment, lack of professional beauty center anaesthetic equipment, aseptic conditions unqualified, the United States, is a very risky business. Therefore, plastic surgery has to go to a regular medical beauty institutions. Error 4: to conceal their habit of smoking to the doctor to conceal their smoking habits if you usually love smoking, most of the professional plastic surgeon will not be easy for you to do plastic surgery. Because of the low concentration of oxygen in the long term smokers, if you do breast augmentation, pull the skin of this kind of major surgery, there is likely to be delayed wound healing, wound dehiscence, skin necrosis and other serious complications. Therefore, if you smoke, it is best to quit smoking and then under the doctor’s advice to choose the timing of surgery. Error 5: don’t tell the doctor that you are taking supplements do not tell the doctor that you are taking a lot of supplements for the United States does not know, some daily supplements will also affect the shaping and its effect after operation, postoperative recovery, even life-threatening. For example, the use of over-the-counter metabolic enhancers and fat burning drugs can affect the heart muscle.相关的主题文章: