Woman out of the wrong identity card when the bus card to help pay good drivers


When the woman went out of the wrong identity card when the bus card good driver to pay for the Wenzhou public Liu told the newspaper reflects a warm heart. B113 bus driver, she wanted to find the enthusiastic, thanked him for his help to pay two yuan fare, even more grateful to him for her son on the scene vivid reminders of the class. Liu lives in Lucheng District, she said, yesterday morning, she was anxious to send 7 year old son to the City Youth Palace Taekwondo training class. Class time is 8:20, they go out is 8 points ahead, think of youth is not very far from home, she did not take the bag, accordingly, the larger purse or simply do not take, directly from the inside out citizen card to catch the bus. They believed in the country and the bus station on the B113 bus. Can brush the public card to pay the fare when the problem, the monitor has been no response. Next to a passenger asked: "your identity card can also brush the bus?" Liu this reaction, she went out of the wrong card, take the ID card. Right now it is 8:15, home to get the bus card is too late, she did not bring a wallet. I asked the bus driver, he can transfer to alipay. I did not expect, he said, ‘no, nothing’, but also took a citizen card asked me do not recognize the cardholder, the card was lost from the site on the car. But I don’t know that man." Then, with his son to sit on the seat of Ms. Liu saw the bus driver pulled out two dollars from his pocket dropped into the coin box, although the money is not much, but once in distress in Ms. Liu was very moved. After the son was sent to remedial classes, Ms. Liu walked back home. She thought of the enthusiastic bus driver, want to thank him, he called the evening news hotline 88908890. The reporter contacted the city transportation group, yesterday said the other, will help to find the driver, but each bus has more than the driver shifts, people need to find time. Because Liu did not provide the license plate number is accurate, no hurry can remember the driver’s appearance, as of last night, the city transportation group has not yet been determined which drivers do not go down good. Comments: the B113 @ micro driver approach, although it is little things, but to resolve Liu bus did not change the embarrassment. We cannot always rely on the driver’s generosity, but his enthusiasm to promote the public play fraternity spirit, have the ability to help people brush to pay a fare card.相关的主题文章: