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With a friend to buy lottery lottery prize and 300 thousand without a scratch – Sohu accidentaly across the daughter "winning spree lasted more than a month, the last 300 thousand yuan prize was finally opened, fell to the Qingdao City East Road 1 37622150 lottery betting station. It is said that winning lottery is "novice", looked at his friend to buy, after also want to try their luck, did not think the 300 thousand yuan prize went into the arms. No jackpot lottery will not be discouraged, "in 5000," send TV "in 1000 to send the electromagnetic oven", "in 50, in 30 to send 50 to send 30, as of December 30, 2016, the Qingdao lottery has access to multiple manners. With some friends xicongtianxiang often spread 300 thousand life to buy lottery tickets myself, with friends to play, the result being director; with a friend to go to the interview results have been selected…… I did not expect to buy lottery tickets, accompanied by friends to buy lottery tickets, the results of their own awards. The day before, the Qingdao lottery Zhang (of surname) is the case, the young man usually do not often buy lottery tickets. On Saturday, came together with friends in Qingdao City, East 1 road Fucai 37622150 betting. See "scraping daughter" activities a lot, a friend bought a few pieces of "scraping the daughter" bad luck, in 100 yuan. After that, the two men left together. Mr. Zhang left after the "heart itch", thinking of a friend in the award, he also try luck? He went back to the betting station, a friend to buy the rest of the pack "scraping the daughter" lottery, buy down. Unexpectedly, pleasantly surprised. Mr. Zhang to be scraped to second lottery tickets, the first prize of $300 thousand, on the show in front of him. Is "pie in the sky" hit, not ignorant is not possible. A lot of people fighting for more than a month, are looking forward to the award of 300 thousand yuan, did not expect the award should be so unexpected. In the 300 thousand yuan prize for doing? Zhang plans, just to decorate bridal chamber and marriage. "It’s so lucky." He’s still a little hard to believe. It seems much more free time with friends, maybe a good thing will find the door.相关的主题文章: