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Why should pay attention to old style painting China level to see how the original title: why do we need the "old" in art theory Chen Chuanxi once said that if there is no ancient painting style is not high. Thinking of those beautiful pictures of the "old search in different poses and with different expressions," and "style" level. The essence of art is to "beauty" through the screen will convey to the audience. The objective beauty is only one aspect of Chinese painting, it also requires the spirit of the pursuit of the objective. That is to say the creator in the creation of not only shows the objective reality of the poetic beauty, even with the China culture that empty, clarity of the aesthetic ideal, a higher level, but also has the meaning of philosophy, embodies the unity of nature and man. In a word, Chinese painting is about the charm and style, to create a spiritual atmosphere, so it is much more than other art pure metaphysical pursuit of spirit and cultural connotation. It should be said that this is the aesthetic ideal of Chinese style, as well as the extension of the universe. So the painter Lu Lu said: "painting is painting people, painting personality, painting the spirit of painting their own." I think, Chen Chuanxi said the "old", perhaps because of this. Despite this truth, but Chinese painting of the "old" how, from another point of view, how to understand it? Pick through the old, finishing reading notes, occasionally seen early in the recording of a text, coincided with the morning to issue different approaches but equally satisfactory results. In order to study the poems of famous Chinese Canadian Ye Jiaying, was in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute lecture poetry. In her lecture by Lord Li Jing in the word "Tang Zi" mountain as an example, from the potential readers and text interpretation about the aesthetic characteristics of word order. At the beginning of the "sub" Shanhua two "Handan incense leaves residue, westerly anxious green", is the love poems of people for having heard it many times sentences, but few people held inside the wording. The "Lotus" is the nickname "Lotus", today the general reader if you do not see the annotation words, it is difficult to know its true meaning, is the old literate people are not necessarily all understand. Why does the author give up and understand the word and choose so uncommon words? If in order to readers’ convenience, we may wish to try, "Handan incense leaves residue" to "Lotus withered lotus leaf residue, read no obstacles, but when I read the words with the words changed and changed. Ye Jiaying said that such a change would lose the original sentence contains the kind of "potential", that is, the art itself contains a wealth of images. Why? The "Lotus" is a word from "Yi". "Yi" is the first dictionary Chinese, at least 2000 years, is the distance in Lord Li Jing that era there are thousands of years, it included the word, old enough; and "Ya" collection is almost standard language, itself and the reality of everyday language has a certain aesthetic distance. Ye Jiaying said: "it is a quaint, more precious, natural custom style." "Sweet" is a fragrant aroma, "Cui" is not only the green color, but also reminiscent of beautiful and precious jade. So many precious, beautiful image, "pin", "residual", disappeared, and residual相关的主题文章: