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"The pilot" poster decide on what path to follow double   present war on the other side – entertainment channel — "" bloody "mountains and rivers" decide on what path to follow the pilot edition poster has "mopping up" after a messy home paint missing because of the war long Zi Mei did not go home and take her husband dressed in a dignified and elegant war-torn Nakazumi Hideo Li Hua Nakazumi Hideo taught the little girl painting Nakazumi Hideo pain flow "tears of blood" by the Hebei green mountains and rivers culture dissemination limited company produced, Planck culture media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., happy from the German culture media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. jointly issued, the young director Guan Jing directed the film "Nanjing! Nanjing! "Starring Nakazumi Hideo led starred in Anti War theme movie" "before the first decide on what path to follow, the pilot released the poster and trailer, poster form hand-painted showing strong color contrast, highly visual impact, at the same time in the trailer, the film overall temperament emerged, unique perspective set people thinking. Nakazumi Hideo "bloody evil" disposable pen knife "slaughter" with Nakazumi Hideo in the Lu Chuan film "Nanjing! Nanjing! "In a corner Kadokawa Jungxiong left a deep impression to the audience in the movie", "his acting again decide on what path to follow in his acting breakthrough limit, Nakazumi Hideo plays the film Ishihashi Kentaro is an art teacher, was forced to enlist in the war of aggression against Chinese. We can see in this trailer, don’t understand Nakazumi Hideo’s role in the war of aggression launched in Japan, see the soldiers killing unarmed innocent people shocked, contradictions and horror of war and tear your heart. At the end of the video and keep these "tears of blood" to "own" kill him, what is the relationship, he experienced what kind of war, can really make people curious. The role of modeling unique profound conception "bloody rivers" in a strong visual impact and the pilot notice released along with the posters, hand-painted design bold use of cartoon style, highlighting the overall tone of the conflict between the new and old times change, the earth bathed in war-torn scarlet blood, in the great war "meat grinder" before, life seems to become cheap as the foot grave. Japanese soldiers scarred kneeling in front of the dying China little girl seems to be a metaphor in the Japanese War of aggression has come to the brink of failure, and paid dearly for their children in front of him a great sin, but, more like infinity may represent the vigorous vitality and growth in the China. Anti war theme movie "where to go" directed by the young director Guan Jing, starring Nakazumi Hideo, designed to give us a unique perspective of the war. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: