Where is the destruction of Yunnan cultural relics protection road full of tricks


Yunnan cultural relics protection failure tricks where road recently, an article on the Kunming "Longmen Grottoes" damaged micro-blog, let the protection of cultural relics in Yunnan by the public’s attention. In recent years, Yunnan cultural relics were often found in newspapers: the fire engulfed the Gongcheng floor and the ancient city of Shangri-La and Dali were demolished in the Tang Dynasty city wall, temple tower tomb stolen miaogao…… Whether it is natural or man-made destruction, these artifacts are reflected in the protection of cultural relics in Yunnan do not in place. Manpower and material resources are inadequate? Is the protection of consciousness is not strong? Or lack of relevant professional resources? You will read this news in WeChat. Reduction of the event recently, a net exposure post, let the long silence of the Kunming version of "Longmen Grottoes" fahua Temple grotto into the vortex of public opinion. This was about a thousand years of history, was listed as the provincial key cultural relics protection units of the grotto, traced were seriously destroyed, 11 days, news Jun approached fahuasi, beitou. The news from Kunming City Jun, drove half an hour to reach the small peach blossom village located in the east of Anning City of Luoyang mountain temple grottoes. The news you saw at the scene, and the Kunming version of "Longmen Grottoes", "the provincial cultural relics protection units" and "peaceful eight" reputation in fahua Temple grotto is a little lonely. Several former caves, is the temple, only one person alone guarding the mountain. The temple behind the red sandstone cliffs, from eastern to southern cliff, the distribution of 4 group 29 cave 21 statues, only a simple protective fence. But the fahua Temple grotto recently and not suffered man-made damage, some discrepancies and online referring to the fact. Anning City Management Center Director Wu Zhenyu introduced, broken fahua Temple grotto is from the cultural revolution period has some, not the recent destruction, Department of history. Anning City Bureau of cultural relics have been protected in the vicinity of the caves, grottoes located there are arrangements for staff stationed. Present situation of "Yunnan cultural heritage protection fifteen" period, Yunnan Province, the maintenance of national key cultural relics protection units 37, invested 13 million yuan; maintenance of the provincial cultural relics protection units 177, invested 297 million yuan; maintenance, city and county level cultural relics protection units 133, invested 19 million yuan. As of 2006, the province’s first batch and the fifth batch of national key cultural relics protection units 32 have been repaired, the Sixth Batch of 44 in the planning and implementation; the first to the fifth batch of provincial cultural relics protection units have been completed and maintenance work, the Sixth Batch of "four" was in the state city and county level cultural relics protection; unit maintenance is also in progress. However, the protection of many precious cultural relics in Yunnan is only at the level of the guards. In Yunnan, because there is no museum, many unearthed cultural relics and even no basic storage conditions, let alone a good protection. Part of the cultural relics unearthed in Gengma Danfo hole of the Neolithic site of more than 3000 years ago, including 2 pieces of national heritage, the ordinary room has been preserved in the form of Lincang stacking heritage management two less than 40 square meters; Dali Binchuan County, Yunlong County Cultural Relics and fossils, can only be stored in sacks or a wooden box, the lack of effective protection;相关的主题文章: