When you think it over, you will feel horrible. Children’s creepy paintings


When you think it over, you will feel horrible. A child who is the child most paintings with hair standing on end are very simple, for a lot of things that never skimp on the expression of the passions. But most of the time, some of the things that a child says can really make people feel terrible. In addition to the language spoken directly, sometimes the children’s paintings will also reveal some unusual atmosphere. Recently, some foreign friends on the Internet summed up some of the creepy child paintings. Maybe there are some things in the world that only children can see. A eight year old boy drew his mother’s bloody violent birthday card. The Hulk freehand pinch burst two girls head. Mother Penguin: it might be too much for the Hulk A mother receives a birthday card from her son on her birthday, which reads, "life is a final road towards death, and you are here right now." The picture of the child said, this is what she saw in the village scenery. A letter intended to be sent to hell, to the left, "Hey, how are you doing in hell?" According to the children who drew the picture, it was the ancestor of their family who came out of the mirror, and the ancestor was very powerful. What will you do when you are 100 years old?" "I’ll break my grave and climb out……" Today, I had a very happy day with my parents and my little cat, and the devil, please stay away from us this time." This is a five year old children draw imaginary friends…… It is said that this is a four year old little girl often appeared in her side of the big monster, but parents have never seen in the side of a child like something. The netizen is a community worker, one day, there is a boy with this figure to find her, said the figure has been followed him. Although many people think that children can draw such things because they are not fully aware of color and shape. However, it’s hard to calm down to see such a painting. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: