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Womens-Issues Egg donation is a different form of reproduction service that you are expected to help a woman who is unable to conceive. Before making a decision to be.e an egg donor it is very important to know exactly what the process involves and only that can determine whether your decision is good or bad. If you want to be.e a donor, you have to get ready for numerous medical consultations before your medical approval. The medical tests include scrutinizing your physical condition, gynecology test, and several other tests to ensure that you are fit in the process. Among all the crucial ones is checking your mental stability, a representative of the program will explain you about responsibilities and rights. If you are approved to Be.e an Egg Donor , then you will be matched with the right woman who is about to receive eggs and you’re supposed to provide your consent for the smooth and safe procedure. Egg donation is a .plex process and requires great attention from the donor to be successful. Woman approved to be.e an egg donor undergoes processing for egg retrieval. This whole medical process may take six long weeks, entails regular appointments with doctors. Donors normally are advised to stay away from any kind of other medication, it may disturb the integrity of the eggs. There are several procedures, particularly designed for safe donation. Normally below mentioned steps are followed for the smooth functioning of the process. Donors are given oral contraceptives at initial stage. At the next stage medications like gonadatropin to regulate the normal ovarian function. These medications are given to prevent the donor from ovulating and respond to fertility drugs. This makes the donors cycle to match with the recipient. During this process regular tests are performed to check the effectiveness of the drugs. Ovulation cycle develops one matured egg. After medication, donor develops multiple eggs which are matured for retrieval. The idea multiple eggs are to enhance the likelihood of a viable egg. The remaining eggs are preserved for security, in case of any failure at any stage. Ultrasound and other various tests are performed regularly to check the growth of the egg. When the doctor decides that the eggs have shown the stage for retrieval, the donor will be injected with human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG). After the medication, a gap of 36 hours will be given for retrieving the egg. It is done through Tran-Vaginal Ultrasound Aspiration. During this process donor is given pain killers and other drugs to control weight. After retrieval donor, is advised to take rest for one day and can participate in regular activities, then after. As an egg donor you remain genetically linked to the kid. During gestation if a surrogate acts as an egg donor, genetically she is considered as the genetic parent. For all the Surrogacy programs, Indian surrogacy an ideal option for intended parents. This Asian country people from all over the world for safe surrogacy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: