What is the difference between men and women and ten


What is the difference between men and women and ten healthy? "Discrimination" is an old saying, in life, men and women never seem to exist in the earth’s poles have different interests, temper, love movies, different styles of food with different tastes. In fact, the difference between men and women is far more than that. The day before, a new study in New Zealand "Wikipedia net" pointed out that no matter from the health, aging speed, the best child-bearing age, or to pain and other aspects, there are great differences between men and women. This study, for the first time, confirms the difference between men and women from a scientific point of view and is of great guidance to the direction and methods of health care in the future. The following will be invited by experts to tell you how to deal with it in health. One, women six systems more vulnerable men and women not only the chest and reproductive system is different, the brain, heart, intestines, skin and many other organs are different. Marianne ·, director of the gender difference program at the Columbia University in the United States, says that in many diseases, men and women behave differently. A disease of the immune system. Women’s immune system is going up and down. They are more likely to suffer from lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple scleroderma, though they live longer than men. A disease of the heart system. The first time a woman has a heart disease is 10 years later than a man, but it is often fatal, especially for cardiovascular heart disease. Disease of the motor system. A woman’s ligament is much more vulnerable than a man, and it is more difficult to recover after the injury. Studies have shown that the ligaments are most vulnerable during the period of menstruation and one week after the end of menstruation. Department of sports medicine, Beijing Sport University professor Lu Yifan suggested that women should now do less shuttlecock requirements such as fast response, high accuracy and movement, dancing and playing to around move movement, but also try to avoid heavy lifting. Diseases of the nervous system. Women are more likely to suffer from depression. After entering menopause, women may have more dementia than men of the same age. Therefore, after the menopause of women, may take oral estrogen and other hormone replacement therapy, and often drink soya bean milk, eat bean products, to make up for the deficiency of estrogen. Diseases of the digestive system. The chemical composition of saliva in men and women is different. Even if they eat the same food, women will spend more time to digest. Chronic constipation may be 3 times that of men, and intestinal diseases may be 2 times that of men. Therefore, the best choice of female dinner porridge, noodles and other digestible food, and make dinner half an hour ahead of time to 1 hours. The disease of the skeletal system. Women are more likely to have severe skeletal atrophy than men in their later years. Therefore, women should take calcium as a lifelong nutrition course. They usually eat high calcium foods such as milk, eggs and soy products. They bake in the morning from 10 o’clock to 11 o’clock. They often do rope skipping, running and other weight bearing exercises to stimulate bone metabolism and achieve calcium supplementation. After the illness, women take more drugs than men, accounting for 23 of the total drug use. The probability of side effects on women is twice as high as that of men. When anesthetics are used, women wake up 7 minutes earlier than men. Two, men’s intelligence is high, women’s language is good, male brain is 100 grams and more than 4% of brain cells than female brain, so their average intelligence quotient is 3 to 4 points higher than that of female. But women have more dense brain nerves, better language, and more stuttering men than women. The memory of men and women is very different. Women are good at remembering details, and men are good at remembering the overall situation. When you remember the road, women usually determine their position on the basis of landmark buildings. Men are better at remembering by kilometre. Three. A man is a real "heart and soul" woman who loves to watch a novel than a man and laughs with the hero. British psychologist Simon · he · Cohen said that women have the "emotional brain", men have "mechanization" brain. This is meant for women to always feel the situation of others, and men are more cool and less able to understand people. A woman can multitask, men only undivided attention. Women do not do things with people, but men have to concentrate on the conversation. Four, chronic pain, 70% are women if there’s girlfriend due to scratching your fingers and scream, don’t laugh at her fragile. Because women have 34 nerve fibers per square centimeter on the skin, and only 17 men have. Therefore, women are more sensitive to pain than men, and are particularly vulnerable to chronic diseases of migraine, neck and shoulder. About 70% of the patients with chronic pain are women. Five, the aging of women brain is faster. Men’s wrinkles grow late. After menopause, the aging of female brain is more obvious than men. With age, they will enter dementia earlier than men. In addition to balding, male than female age more slowly, especially the skin, wrinkles later than women. Six, women have a good sense of smell. Men’s eyesight is good on smell. Women perceive stronger than men. They can distinguish tiny taste differences. In terms of vision, men have stronger night vision than women, and can identify direction better. Women can perceive color better. Male color blindness is more than women, mainly red and green color blindness. Seven, women lack of calcium, men’s zinc deficiency, although two couples eat at the same table every day, the nutritional needs are different. Women are the most vulnerable to calcium and iron, and men are prone to zinc deficiency. Wang Xingguo, director of Nutrition Department of Dalian Nutrition Society and director of Nutrition Department of Dalian Central Hospital, said that the average age of women aged 19 to 50 is about 18 mg of iron per day, compared with 8 mg per day. Women before the age of 50 need about 800 milligrams of calcium a day, and 1000 milligrams or more after 50 years of age. Men, by contrast, need calcium supplements, but they are much less likely to have osteoporosis than women. Men should eat more zinc – rich foods, such as seafood, pig liver, beef, laver, sesame, and so on. Eight, 30 year old man after the children the best French geneticists Mo Lishi research shows that male sperm quality at the age of 30 and reached the peak of high quality and can last 5 years. As a result, men have the best birth at the age of 30 to 35. The best age for women is 24 to 29 years old. During this period, women’s whole body development has been fully matured, pelvic and muscle elasticity is better, the quality of egg cells is the highest, pregnancy complications are less, and childbirth will be smoother. Nine, most men do not love the way women make decisions faster than a man; man love charge type, interval of rest, women love to work with a woman to the door and pulled out of rhythm; eloquence is key to the door, and the men had to dig out; before the woman went to the store, will make a shopping list the man in the fridge is empty, only when we remember to go shopping; when lost, women will soon stop to ask the way, the man will be everywhere, at the running path. Ten, men often say the woman loves to tell the biggest difference between men and women is the process of communication, the man is used to talk about the "results", quickly seize the key to solve immediately; women are used to emphasize "process", everything from the beginning, and finally summarizes the results and reasons of things. In this regard, Carl Jung Suzhou psychological counseling center supervisor Wang Guorong suggested that his wife with her husband complained, may wish to put the focus, and then share the process, so as not to let the other side because of key catch problems and impatient; her husband also need to know that his wife is a nagging, emotional release process, you have to do is listen even then, impatient, please don’t interrupt her worry, eager to find a solution to the problem.

男女有别 男女健康的十大差别是什么?“男女有别”是句老话,在生活中,男人女人似乎永远存在于地球的两极,有不同的兴趣、脾气,喜爱不同风格的电影、不同口味的食物。其实,男女差别远不止于此。日前,新西兰“百科排名网”一项最新研究指出,不管从健康状况、衰老速度、最佳生育年龄,还是对疼痛的感受等方面,男女之间都存在很大差异。这项研究首次从科学角度证实了男女之间的不同,对于将来的保健方向和方法,有很好的指导意义。以下我们就请专家们分别支招,告诉大家在健康上如何应对。一、女人六大系统更脆弱男女不仅胸部和生殖系统有差异,大脑、心脏、肠胃、皮肤等诸多器官都不同。美国哥伦比亚大学“性别差异”项目负责人玛丽安·莱卡托博士指出,在很多疾病上,男女的表现都不一样。免疫系统疾病。女性的免疫系统大起大落,她们虽然比男人更长寿,却更容易患上红斑狼疮、类风湿关节炎和多发性硬皮病等疑难病症。心脏系统疾病。女性第一次患心脏病的年龄要比男人晚10年,可一旦患上,特别是心血管性心脏病,往往是致命的。运动系统疾病。女人的韧带天生就比男人脆弱得多,伤后也更难恢复。研究显示,韧带在月经期间及月经结束后一周最为脆弱。北京体育大学运动医学系教授陆一帆建议,女性此时应少做踢毽子等要求反应快、准确性高的运动,以及跳舞、打球等需左右挪移的运动,还要尽量避免提重物。神经系统疾病。女人更容易患抑郁症。进入更年期后,女人患痴呆的可能比同龄男性更大。因此,停经后的女人,不妨采取口服雌激素等激素替代疗法,并常喝豆浆、吃豆制品,弥补雌激素的不足。消化系统疾病。男女唾液中的化学成分不同,即使吃同样食物,女人要花更多时间去消化,患慢性便秘的可能是男人的3倍,患肠道疾病的可能是男人2倍。因此,女性晚饭最好选择米粥、面条等易消化食物,并把晚饭时间提前半小时至1个小时。骨骼系统疾病。女性比男性晚年更容易发生骨骼严重萎缩。所以,女性应把补钙作为毕生的营养功课,平时多吃奶、鸡蛋、豆制品等高钙食物,上午10时至11时多晒太阳,常做跳绳、跑步等承重运动,刺激骨质代谢,达到补钙功效。患病后,女人吃的药比男人多,占总体用药量的2 3。药物对女性产生副作用的概率比男性高一倍。使用麻醉药时,女性醒来的时间比男性平均早7分钟。二、男人智商高,女人语言好男性大脑比女性大脑重100克、多出4%的脑细胞,所以他们的平均智商比女性高3—4分。但女性的脑神经更为稠密,在语言上更胜一筹,口吃的男人比女人多。男女的记忆也大不相同,女人善于记细节,男人善于记大局。记路时,女性一般会依据地标性建筑来确定位置。而男性更擅长凭公里数记忆。三、男人是真正的“一心一意”女人比男人爱看小说,会跟着主人公一起哭一起笑。英国心理学家西蒙·伯龙·科恩表示,女性拥有“情感化”大脑,男性拥有“机械化”大脑。这就注定女性经常设身处地感受他人的处境,而男性表现就比较冷酷,不太能理解人。女人能一心多用,男人只能一心一意。女人做事也不耽误与人聊天,而男性与人对话时必须集中精力。四、慢性疼痛,七成是女性如果身边的女朋友因划伤手指而尖叫,千万别嘲笑她娇气。因为女性每平方厘米皮肤上有34个神经纤维,而男性只有17个。所以,女性比男性对疼痛更敏感,尤其容易患上偏头痛、颈部及肩部的慢性病。约有70%的慢性疼痛患者都是女性。五、女人大脑衰老快,男人皱纹长得晚更年期后,女性大脑的衰老比男性更为明显,随着年龄增长,会比男性更早进入痴呆状态。除了容易谢顶外,男性普遍比女性衰老得慢,尤其是皮肤,比女性长皱纹更晚。六、女人嗅觉好,男人视力好在气味上,女性的感知能力比男性强,能辨别出微小的味道差异;在视觉上,男性夜间视力比女性强,而且更能辨别方向,女性则可以更好地感知颜色。男性色盲要比女性多,主要为红绿色盲。七、女人缺钙,男人缺锌虽然夫妻二人每天同桌吃饭,营养需求却各不相同。女性最易缺乏钙和铁,男人则容易缺锌。大连营养学会理事、大连市中心医院营养部主任营养师王兴国表示,年龄在19—50岁的女性平均每天大约需要补18毫克铁;相比之下,男性平均每天补8毫克就够了。50岁以前的女性每天大约需要补充800毫克钙,50岁以后则需要1000毫克或更多。相比之下,男性虽然也需要补钙,但得骨质疏松的几率比女性要小得多。男性应多吃海产品、猪肝、牛肉、紫菜、芝麻等富含锌的食物。八、男人30岁以后生孩子最好法国遗传学家摩里士的研究表明,男性精子质量在30岁时达高峰,然后能持续5年的高质量。因此,男人在30—35岁生育最好。女人的最佳生育年龄则是24—29岁。这一时期,女性全身发育已经完全成熟,骨盆和肌肉弹性较好,卵细胞质量最高,妊娠并发症少,分娩会更顺利。九、男人最不喜欢问路女人做决定的速度比男人快;男人喜欢冲锋式的工作,间隔休息,女人则喜欢以同一个节奏工作;女人到家门口才掏出开门的钥匙,而男人早就掏了出来;女人去商店之前,会列出一个购买清单,男人只有在冰箱里空无一物时才会想起去购物;当迷路时,女人会很快停下来问路,男人则会到处乱转,不惜跑冤枉路。十、男人常说结果,女人爱讲过程男女间沟通的最大不同是,男人习惯先讲“结果”,很快抓住重点,马上解决;女人则习惯强调“过程”,凡事从头说起,最后才归纳出事情的结果及原因。对此,苏州荣格心理咨询中心督导王国荣建议,妻子跟丈夫诉苦时,不妨先提重点,然后分享过程,这样才不会让对方因抓不到问题的重点而不耐烦;丈夫也要知道,对妻子而言,唠叨是种情绪纾解过程,你要做的只是倾听,即使再不耐烦,也请不要着急打断她,急于寻找解决问题的办法。相关的主题文章: