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Wenzhou cracked "send blood test case to pregnant women – child customer Sohu news reporter Xie Shuhua Wen over 50 thousand copies of blood of pregnant women from all over the country sent to Shenzhen, then to Hongkong illegal exit. A few days later, a report of fetal sex identification were sent back off. In this bloody transaction for two years, many lives have been born too late. Last December, after a rigorous 9 months of investigation, Yongjia police destroyed more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide this send blood illegal fetus gender identification network, 11 people arrested on the spot. The case involved up to more than 300 people, the amount of over 200 million yuan, is currently the largest nationwide cracked the blood test child case. The day before, Yongjia County Public Security Bureau police brigade to warm both exclusive disclosure of the case cracked by. The hospital staff set up for pregnant women to send blood through the Shenzhen fetal sex identification in March 2015, the Yongjia police and the local health department to carry out the "two" (non – medical needs of the fetus gender identification, non-medical pregnancy termination behavior) investigation of law enforcement, found in Taizhou Yuhuan man Lee long in Yueqing, Yongjia area for pregnant women it can be sent to Hongkong for the identification of fetal sex of their blood. Li Mouceng is Yuhuan County people’s hospital staff, who was expelled, opened at a local drugstore. In early 2014, Lee found through the online search, Shenzhen ‘Kang Hai’ company can provide Hongkong blood test sub service." Yongjia County Public Security Bureau police brigade police Liu Yixiao introduction. After the discovery of the blood test son profitable, Lee for their own medical background to become a local agent in Shenzhen company, he introduced pregnant women throughout Taizhou, Yueqing, Yongjia and other places. As of September last year arrested, Lee more than hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal profits. At the same time, Yueqing, a private hospital workers Zhou also entered the police line of sight. By the end of 2014, Zhou also search through the network, contact Shenzhen Kang Hai company, has also been absorbed as an agent. Initially, Zhou in the hospital office to provide blood services for pregnant women. After the incident, he replaced the phone number, specifically for pregnant women to avoid blood pressure to rent. The police will identify with pregnant women, Zhou confession to successful criminal detention. Send blood test fee is generally around six thousand yuan, Zhou introduced a pen, you can get a $two thousand referral fee, and later rose to more than $four thousand." Liu Yixiao said, in June 2015, Zhou has been seized in Yueqing after the bail, "stand up huge temptation, Zhou soon again, until once again seized." Identification of fetal sex through the blood, in Hongkong is not prohibited by law, so Shenzhen has become a lot of illegal transfer of blood test sub agency." Yongjia County Public Security Bureau, a squadron commander Xie Yongping said. In the criminal process, Lee, Zhou and other resident agent, just a small role at the end, they get home by courier to provide test tubes, blood collection needle, ice bag, identification of agreement and other tools of crime, "collected the blood of pregnant women are disguised as cosmetics sent to Shenzhen, no specific recipient address from the collection of Shenzhen express stores, by hand and then pick-up.".相关的主题文章: