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Arts-and-Entertainment Wedding favors serves the purpose as a token of appreciation form the wedded couple to their guests. Wedding favors that are useful and unique will be kept or put to good use by those receiving it thus keeping the memory of your big day alive within your guests. The tradition of giving wedding favors began long, long ago amongst the aristocracy. After a wedding, small trinket boxes were given as a sign of appreciation to the equally aristocratic guests. These boxes were filled with sugar cubes as sugar was an extremely expensive .modity in medieval times, it was seen as a symbol of wealth. The practice continues today and is not limited to aristocrats or the wealthy. It is also a sign of appreciation and the gift varies from food to simple ornaments. The gift would greatly depend on what the couple’s thinks best to represent their gratitude to the guests. Here are the types of .mon wedding favors: – Decorative wedding favors are just about the easiest one you can think of any buying them requires no hassle either. These wedding favors include paperweights, pots, scented soaps, miniature glass bottles and wedding unity candles. They are meant to be displayed on mantelpiece or desk. – Practical wedding favors are items you can use because they are usually things like photo frames, pen holders, candles and scented foam bath sets. They can be really pretty and most of the time; they’ll end up being decorative items because of this. – Humorous wedding favors are given out with a tongue-in-cheek approach. These are favors that are meant to be funny more than meaningful. The main objective of giving out humorous wedding favors is for the guests to have fun with and not to treasure. Some choices are party-poppers, whistles, bells, garter belts and even lottery tickets. – Edible wedding favors are food-and-beverage-based favors given with the intention that guests enjoy high-quality gourmet foodstuffs as a way of remembering the wedding. The most popular edible wedding favors are by far, chocolates (in any shape and form), fruit cake and cookies. Less .mon ones, but which are just as good, as gourmet coffee or tea. – If you’re enthusiastic about saving the environment, you can have wedding favors that carries the message. You can have wedding favors that are made from recycled materials and decorated in a very elegant manner. Everyone will be amazed. – You can also find seasonal wedding favors that you can have for your seasonal wedding theme. The gifts are usually anything that has to do with the season you’re getting married or even in the color that represents that season. Maple leaves card holder makes a great fall wedding favors while flip-flops are for the summer wedding. The ideal wedding favors may not be the most expensive ones. The ideal wedding favors are the ones that are well thought about and carry some meaning to you as well as the guests. It would be heart breaking to know that your wedding favors are discarded the moment they leave your wedding and also if they are left somewhere only to collect dust. If you want your guests to cherish your wedding favor, you must analyze the majority of people you invite to your wedding. Who are they are what kind of favors that you think will best suit their lifestyle or preference. Office folks for instance may not be so keen of cutesy items for they might find things that they can use such as paperweight or photo frames. Younger crowd would love decorative ornaments for their mobile phone. When choosing wedding favors, ask yourself some questions: – What will this gift be used for? – Will my guests enjoy their gift? – Does this reflect us or our personalities? – Will my closest friends expect something like this from us? If your answers are keen and justifiable then you have made the right choice in choosing a wedding favor that is just right for your wedding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: