Wang Yang focus precision really hard work to improve the level of cooperation between the East and


Wang Yang: focus on the precise work diligently and effectively improve the level of collaboration – poor East Beijing Wang Yang in strengthening the East-West collaboration of poverty alleviation work teleconference on the focusing precision expand the field of solid work to improve the level of cooperation to strengthen the poor east east collaboration of poverty alleviation work in television and telephone conference 25 held in Beijing, Wang Yang, deputy prime minister the State Council poverty alleviation and development group leader attended the meeting. He stressed the need to conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping at the Yinchuan forum of collaboration of poverty alleviation in the spirit of the important speech of prime minister Li Keqiang and important instructions on strengthening of poverty alleviation collaboration requirements, in-depth summary of historical experience, learning to promote Fujian Ningxia collaboration advanced typical practice, to further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission play, focusing precision, expanding the field, do solid work, and constantly improve the level of poor East cooperation. Wang Yang pointed out that the poor East cooperation in 20 years has made remarkable achievements, to accelerate the pace of poverty reduction, the western region has played an important role in promoting coordinated regional development. Further promote cooperation between the eastern and western poverty alleviation is an important deployment of the new era to win the fight against poverty, the two sides should put on an important agenda. To optimize the twinning relationship, improve the cooperation mechanism, start the county economy and poor counties "to well-off" action, mobilize all social participation, participatory poverty targeting precise force, solid work, deepening the work of helping. The eastern region should focus on poverty alleviation Cooperation meeting point and focus on cooperation, enterprising, have the ability to send cadres to carry out helping their counterparts, with particular attention to the transport and training of professional technical personnel and management personnel to the west. To strengthen industrial cooperation, adhere to the market orientation, support, nurture, the introduction of a number of enterprises, not only to promote poverty alleviation in the west, but also to expand the Eastern Industrial Development space. To the Ministry of labor to promote something cooperation, the eastern region should according to the migrant workers to carry out participatory poverty "one to one" employment assistance, the central and western regions to make the province cities and counties city labor docking, ensure that the poor stable employment, stable poverty. To the participatory poverty effect as the main content, strengthen the east collaboration of poverty alleviation work assessment.相关的主题文章: