Valentine’s Day child dog Festival WA is a single Alliance googims


Valentine’s Day "child dog Festival" "WA" is a single alliance > > > click to enter the video Tencent, watch the "wa Growth Diary" CO produced by the Tencent Tencent entertainment news video, reading group, God fish fantasy romantic comedy film "WA" Growth Diary network drama version of the upcoming hot air,. Network drama "WA" diary by teacher You Mingyu song she directed, starring, Li Huan, Li Shengjia, Chen Sai tournament jointly performed in September 12th sixteenth 12:00 update set. With the first two sets of high value of Wei Yan wa first dragon CP sweet hand, envy others after. Ceramics I ushered in another dog abuse climax, Valentine’s Day is coming, "single front teams composed of the goddess patching the sky alliance, a pottery bar dog abuse story is unfolding and mental abuse. It is not NG ceramic pottery bar single child dog dog fighting pottery bar ushered in Valentine’s day once a year, since the audience was ridicule as myth version of the rain god, the Dragon King AO and latent Guai sweet hand, two sweet burst table, for both in the single small wind, Yang Yan, Jiang Li actually too dog abuse! The Dragon King Ao hidden line, pottery bar dog abuse atmosphere is very obvious, coincides with the arrival of Valentine’s day, but we suffered a double blow, the netizen said distressed, more appear round dog abuse I’m taking Nuwa Growth Diary and other topics. In the face of Valentine’s day the dog abuse has hit play fart pottery bar erlangshen Yang Yan had a Valentine’s day survival manual open class, and joked: ordinary dog, to this day for this object, the object is the same as the dog. Since the Dragon King Ao latent and sweet hand after iraq. Two sweet burst table, others envy. For the wind in the single small, Yang Yan, ginger is actually too much abuse dog! Three people formed a single front alliance, and discuss how to have a good Valentine’s day. The most love gift invite little to go to the movies, by Yang inkstone strike: Cinema is the hardest hit, you see is not a movie, hormone. Valentine’s Day: too wonderful song she double song CP Song Joong Ki group in order to have a Valentine’s day, ceramics I resorted to all kinds of skills, keep firmly implement the basic scheme does not go out, and then the gift by Yang Yan funny movie attracted two people watched the movie go half-way gift shy constantly, people mistakenly believe that the two lovers. The time. Yang Yan even threatened three hours to find a girlfriend, little wind and ginger and Li Yang found that Yan self named "angle Bobbi" women spend Valentine’s day in the circle of friends, two people went to see, find the girlfriend was actually Yang Yan disguise themselves, netizens have said, don’t worry about the Valentine day the object, even Valentine’s day to pretend to have a girlfriend. We played the song she wa Valentine’s Day is interesting again and again, a little wind claiming to have her husband, then found unexpectedly is super popular little meat Song Joong Ki from South Korea, small wind toward the photo iPad Song Joong Ki repeatedly send a kiss, some netizens dubbed it as "double song" CP, more two people get married as appeared in the spoof on the network, a P boom, continuous interest. It is reported that the fantasy comedy network drama "WA" growth diary every Monday to Friday 12:00 will be updated in the hilarious video Tencent.相关的主题文章: