Update to help Lin Wang Sicong goddess Wansui is like down to earth (video) segotep


Update to help Lin Wang Sicong "goddess" Wansui was praised as "down to earth [Abstract] Hello! First class male god goddess ", Lin update to join the friends for help Wang Sicong breakout game, witnessed the birth of the goddess of fortune 10. On the ultimate showdown grilled Wang Sicong and Lin update, see the goddess are ignorant of Tencent entertainment news "character is the first one, the girls should pay more attention to their own inner", in the evening of September 7th, the Tencent broadcast video alone national goddess form reality show "Hello! Goddess of the second program, the 18 into the 10 breakout game, Lin update talked about their own goddess of the standard. As "Hello"! First class male god goddess ", Lin update to join the friends for help Wang Sicong breakout game, witnessed the birth of the goddess of fortune 10. An upright, a sharp, two comments and interaction in the field of full understanding. Wang Sicong raid Wansui’s family, Wang Sicong and Lin update PK "skewers" plot also let users refer to the whole program of high energy, did not see enough". The top 18 players race to break the spell, Wang Sicong and Lin update talent comment "Hello! 18 into 10 breakout game goddess "is the flagship of the goddess of the" talent ", the program will make all right by the audience, was born 10 contestants from friends to cast the" goddess of value "to decide. In the stage of the players can be said to come up with their own special skills, from the performance point of view, there are surprises and stunning, but also a thrilling. Wang Sicong and Lin update as guests to help out, the whole for the player’s performance reviews, praise and criticism, two candid comments is one of the highlights of the program. Li Linyu has the charm of the Western musical performances are full of atmosphere, as the first player will capture the majority of users, Wang Sicong also gave a high evaluation, his expression ability, strong expression of desire. "Dance Wizard" Wan Sui a modern dance "cool breeze Xu" shows a high level of professional standards, typical talent play. Lin update, Wang Sicong are appreciated for her plus, that is prepared to perform, can not pick any problems. The goddess of popularity ranked first in the tan salt is a financial professional students, excellent in character and learning are gentle. A classical dance swaying, modern style with antique perfect fusion, is the goddess model inside and outside. The stage for poor performance, lack of sincerity of the players, Wang Sicong and Lin update comments also sharply. "Bold play Chen Haipei on the three day they guzheng class stage performances, President Wang bluntly did not take seriously the performance, do not respect the other players on the stage. In the face of singing out of tune, forget the words, not stiff coordination, Lin update shook his head: "talent particularly disingenuous" jump "quite general, like the broadcast gymnastics." Tan Yanyan, Li Linyu and Chen Shujun eventually qualify for the top 10 players are pure, lovely, temperament type, intellectual type…… although different styles, but they are coming from the audition stage, much netizens favorite players, in all aspects of value, personality and connotation of Yan is a leader in high comprehensive quality. The Wang Sicong raid visits Wansui praise thrifty, simple down to earth in the Tencent video broadcast last night, "Hello! In the second phase of the goddess,!相关的主题文章: