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Under the sun to enjoy the pursuit of the pursuit of the wind ride Hainan Island just a good person, a backpack, a road, a journey, a mood. This may be the difference brought about by riding: the same beauty, in a different way to visit, there are always different harvest. In Hainan Island, every rider in the sun, can gallop, can in areca hold or chase the wind forest, on the road, let the tide soothe feelings of irritability. The rider’s paradise every road is the scenery — this is the racing drivers in Hainan. The first stage is the Shi Mei criterium bay to Hua Kok tourist road, really beautiful! In Wanning through the scenic town, through the winding trail of Yelin, let me feel the war is very perfect retired!" In this race around the island of Giant Europe Beiqing riders Ji Cheng said, compared to the tour de France, Italy and other events such as West ring, tropical Hainan let his teammates excited, delicious Wanning small fish soup into the taste of Hainan racers. Healthy lifestyle, more and more people respected. Many people even to take the car from afar, only to within a week of the Hainan ride. Whether it is just off the plane that moment is warm and humid, cool sea breeze, coconut or through the free, riding in Hainan always refreshing a born beauty, nature, relax. "Here the green, air, blue sky, people do not want to go." In the eyes of small rider Weng, absolute advantage that is unmatched in Hainan. With the years of cultivation, the growing scale of Hainan’s riding, the number of participants more and more, more and more extensive coverage." Tourism Development Research Association Wang Jiansheng said, set seductive, healing, nourishing the heart, nourishing lung, cultivating emotion in a body, riding in Hainan development like a raging fire. In addition to large-scale events, on Tianya club last year alone held 10 bicycle race, 58 field cycling activities. Many cities and counties in the province and colleges and universities have set up bicycle associations and clubs. Hainan active cycling tour pal number from 10 years ago has increased to more than 2 thousand people, now more than 100 thousand people! Riding to play a new pattern of coastal scenery, greenway shuttle, mountain challenge…… In Hainan, a variety of riding routes Jun choice. The Eastern long beautiful coastline, the thousands of years of vicissitudes of the volcano rock left, strange customs line full of Li, Miao characteristics, has gradually become popular with domestic and international cycling enthusiasts recognized Hainan classic cycling route. Senior "tour pal" from Shenzhen Lee, he was riding a lot of places, but only on a market in Hainan, every year he flew to Hainan and friends riding around the island, "Hainan road conditions are very good, flat coastal Avenue throughout the island, into the mountain road is very convenient. Need 9 to 10 days riding around the island, the rider is moderate difficulty." In Wang Jiansheng view, the development of tourism in Hainan has also contributed to the ride into a ride. "The development of urbanization and the construction of the beautiful countryside which has become the natural beauty of the towns and villages in riding can stop node and post,.相关的主题文章: