Under the net to raise the threshold of the new fund to fight the new problem thinkpad s230u


The threshold of net placement raise funds to fight the new board newspaper intern reporter Ren Fei in the year thirteenth issue of new shares in the queue, the reporter noted, only Netac smart pricing and to direct all online investors, and the market value of the placing of the threshold of the remaining 12 shares under the net increase of inquiry. Among them, the placement of 3 new shares threshold increased from $30 million to $10 million, increased to $20 million to $9. Raise the threshold, does not prevent the fight against the new fund is still being chased by the public fund. But the increase in the threshold for different sizes of funds, especially smaller funds put forward new requirements. Hit the net new threshold to improve the stock market with the capital stock of the game, "blue chip + new" has gradually become the institutions, especially public fund investment targets and investment strategies of target". However, the current network to play a variety of new properties are changing. First, under the net to play a new threshold to improve the market value. No matter in Shenzhen or Shanghai in the past, the market value of the threshold was about 10 million yuan. With the increase in the number of people involved in playing the new threshold to play more. Some publishers require positions of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and on the market value of the threshold exchange stocks reached 20 million yuan, 30 million yuan. In other words, a total market value of 50 million yuan, before you can participate in the placement of all new shares IPO. Secondly, the net hit new revenue is diluted. According to SWS Hongyuan securities simulation calculations, when the market value of the threshold increased to 30 million yuan, C absolute returns an average increase of 42.85%, but because the cost of playing the new promotion, annual yield fell 52.38% to 18.63%. The annualized yield after dilution is still much higher than the annualized rate of return on the same risk. Fund managers generally believe that the placing of new shares under the net is a small risk, a good income arbitrage opportunities. For stock investment, is a starting point of product performance thickening". Threshold to improve the partial stock products, especially the impact of small equity fund products, raising the proportion of the threshold to raise the proportion of such products is good news. However, fixed income, partial debt products may need to consider the allocation of stock positions. Small and micro fund playing the new decline this year, playing the new fund continues to grow, in all types of investment, flexible configuration funds, partial shares of hybrid funds to participate in the allocation of new shares highest enthusiasm. Wind data show that as of this year, a total of 568 flexible allocation fund, 352 partial shares of hybrid funds involved in playing the new, accounting for a total of more than 1407 of the new funds involved in the fight against the new network. As of September 7th, fortune SGAM event driven, fortune SGAM industry such as selection of flexible allocation of funds allocated shares this year a total of 89, the largest number of. It is worth noting that the standard type of investment in "guaranteed income", the wealth of nations China income shares allocated number is 88, but the 298 million yuan fund size, but for the future of the stock positions accounted for nieyibahan. "Once the configuration of bin stock suffered substantial limit, may have lost half a dozen new revenue. After playing the new threshold increased, the size of a small hit new fund, the risk may be great." A fixed income fund manager said.相关的主题文章: