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Two months of pregnancy is particularly large fetus, Caesarean birth baby shock! – Sohu maternal and child, suddenly had three children, we feel very happy. However, according to the current situation, how to support these 3 children ah?" The face of 3 lovely baby, Li Chunyang a happy and sad. On the morning of January 13th, Wu Kang Le District in the rented room, the reporter found the Li Chunyang and the Pan Hongxia family. They are new Wukang village, after the demolition moved to temporary rental housing. In order to make the three babies live comfortably, they recently leased a relatively spacious house. Reporters saw the home in addition to refrigerators and televisions, and no other valuable household appliances. Less than two months pregnant, Pan Hongxia, accompanied by her husband to the County Maternal and child health and traditional Chinese medicine hospital for routine prenatal examination. When the examination, medical personnel found the fetus is particularly large, it is proposed to do B, result is suspected pregnant with triplets. Two months later, the doctor checks do perinatal fetal growth is a little surprising "amazing", and then to pregnant women to do an ultrasound, it confirmed that Pan Hongxia was pregnant with triplets. In August 18, 2015, 27 year old Pan Hongxia due to high blood pressure, uterine height exceed the standard is sent to the Huzhou maternal and child health hospital, Caesarean birth to triplets. The eldest son, weighing 1.73 kg, and third is the daughter, weighing 1.45 kg and 1.2 kg, 3 babies are 8 months premature. Because it is premature, and poor immunity, three little guys in the incubator and a sufficient for 22 days. All of a sudden there are 3 children, so that the whole family are very excited, but worried. They spend 3 times as much money as they do from prenatal care. Only the child was born, Li Chunyang handed over 50 thousand yuan. He said: "the money is borrowed." In 2015, Li Chunyang to the bank loan from a duck farm. However, he raised ducks did not earn money, but owed 110 thousand yuan of debt. Li Chunyang is the only pillar of the family, the arrival of the three children so that he has lost the source of life, he felt the pressure of life. At present, Li Chunyang’s mother to help take care of the three children at home, his father in the living doing odd jobs. Although relatives, neighbors sent some baby clothes and milk powder, but in the long run, 3 children’s milk powder, clothing, medical expenses, need a lot of money. The face of a busy Pan Hongxia, Li Chunyang guilty to say, in order to save money, his wife suffered a lot. More than 7 months pregnant, his wife’s weight of up to 70 kg, the whole night can not sleep, sitting is not, lying is not, very uncomfortable. "If you have the money, your wife can get an early caesarean section. But his wife said, premature birth day, they spend much money in a day, could simply grind teeth to 8 months." January 13th, Wu Zhicai, a retired doctor eagerly led the reporter came to the house of Li Chunyang. At present, the maternal body of Pan Hongxia triplets is back to normal, healthy and lovely family, named Li Connaught, Pan Yue, Shen said to the three children. But now, because of no more than 150 yuan a bucket of milk, milk powder for only a week and a pack of 70 yuan Mamy Poko diapers also can only be maintained for five days and five nights. Three children’s)相关的主题文章: