Trump public medical report never interrupted to participate in the


Trump public medical report: never interrupted to participate in the campaign’s original title: Trump public health report doctors said he was in good condition, the data figure: Trump. China News Agency reporter Liao Pan photo Washington, September 15 U.S. Republican presidential candidate, Trump, 15, through the campaign team to open their own medical reports. Trump’s doctor, Bernstein, said in a report that Mr. Trump was in good health. Trump team said in a statement on the same day, on, on Friday (9 may) conducted a comprehensive physical examination in New York. Dr. Bernstein after a comprehensive test results found that Trump in good physical condition. Trump is taking a cholesterol lowering drug and a small dose of aspirin, according to a medical report. The only time Trump had been hospitalized was 11 years old, the report said, because of an appendectomy. Trump, 70 years old, height of about 6 feet (about 1.90 meters), weighing 236 pounds (about 107 kg). According to the National Institutes of health, the body mass index, Trump belongs to overweight". Trump said in a statement, the energy and vitality of the "continuous and uninterrupted" to participate in the campaign, but more importantly, his energy and vitality enough to make him qualified for the post of president of the United states. Some media believe that the statement "uninterrupted" statement of Democratic presidential candidate Hilary intended to attack. Previously, Hilary announced the suspension of a number of days due to pneumonia campaign. Hilary 11 in New York this month to attend the "9 – 11" event in the event of the anniversary of the early departure, and then she was confirmed to be infected with pneumonia, need to rest for a few days. 14, 2009, Hilary released a health report through the campaign team. Reported that Hilary’s mental state is good, maintain good health, suitable for u.s.. According to the plan, Hilary will return to campaign 15. She is expected to speak at the North Carolina Greensboro Boluo campaign. That night, she also appeared in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus meeting organized by the association. Health status of Hilary and Trump has recently aroused the concern of American society. Compared to the two policy advocates, the American people are more concerned about is whether they can successfully perform their duties. At present, from the first televised debate in less than two weeks, two people have released health practices intended to dispel the doubts of voters, to avoid health problems in the debate at a disadvantage. According to the Cbs Broadcasting Inc and the New York Times "" 15, jointly issued the latest poll, Hilary in the country’s support rate is 46%, Trump’s support for the 44%, two people to further narrow the gap between. (end) editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章: