Trump finalized Guoan three positions or invited rival Sohu as secretary of state – News winavi


Trump finalized Guoan three positions or invited rival Sohu as secretary of state – News [global network reporter Leng Chunyang reported] according to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported on November 18th, to win the U.S. presidential election Trump announced three important positions in the Minister of justice, national security adviser and the director of the CIA and other candidates for future. Reported that Trump announced he was described as a world-class legal mind, Alabama Senator Sessions as the future of the attorney general. A former U.S. Attorney General in 1986 because of alleged racial discrimination in the comments, although he denied but was still rejected by Congress as a federal judge, but Mr Trump is a conservative ally. Illegal immigrants in the United States he opposed the identity of "legalization" by any means, but also strong support for Trump in the Mexican border to build walls prevent illegal immigrants. According to reports, soon as national security adviser Flynn, aged 57, served in the United States President Obama served as military secretary was dismissed after the strong criticism of the Obama administration. He supported Trump to talks with the Iran nuclear issue, to strengthen relations with Russia and strengthen the fight against Islamic radicalism position. Flynn and Saixinsi two people became an ally of Trump Trump in the early stage of the campaign, said Trump often listen to the opinions and views of two people in the illegal immigration and national security aspects. It is reported that the Republican conservative Pon Per O Ze was nominated for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, the next Secretary of choice for the. Pompeio, 52, is a congressman in Kansas. Is a conservative supporters of the tea party movement, when Republican presidential primaries, Pompeo originally supported another candidate Rubio, after Trump won the nomination in favor of Trump. According to CNN (CNN) and other 17 media broke the news, U.S. President elect Barack Trump intends to invite "old enemy" Romney served as secretary of state, which is regarded as Trump to "mainstream Republicans" handed an olive branch. Former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012 is one of the most popular figures in the Republican party. Reported that Trump will meet with Romney this weekend, inviting him to join the executive team of Trump, the specific position may be Secretary of state. Romney had previously said he was interested in joining the public service, and intends to become Secretary of state. However, in the Trump campaign, Romney repeatedly criticized the sharp criticism of Trump, he had said he would prefer to support the third party candidate, nor support for Mr. Trump. But after Trump was elected, Romney congratulated him. U.S. media said, Romney is "experts" in foreign affairs, he proposed to Russia in the 2012 presidential campaign criticized that Russia is the "real threat", this view with Trump, Trump believes that the U.S. – Russia or cooperation in combating terrorism and other aspects. NBC said that if Romney became Secretary of state, the U.S. foreign policy will be held by a "legitimate Republican" point of view. Previously, new zealand.相关的主题文章: