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News-and-Society Donald Trump has now announced that he will launch a third-party charge for the Presidency next May, after the next season of his television show, if the economy hasnt improved and he isnt impressed with the Republican candidate. This announcement was made a few days ago after he trashed Obama for having no clue, pronounced that he saw no greatness in any of the existing Republican candidates, and once again .pletely chastised Paul Ryan for having the guts to tell the American people the truth. Whenever I listen to Trumps rants, I am reminded of two of my favorite sayings: If youre not part of the solution, youre part of the problem and Beware of those who wont be bothered with details. No matter how you cut it, Trump is not part of the solution. He is jerking around the press and the public to create headlines for himself. Nothing more. He adores the attention. His latest third party threat is designed to create another contingent gotcha an ongoing risk that he will assure Obamas reelection by splitting the anti-Obama vote. And, of course, it will continue to generate headlines, interviews and hype for himself until he makes his final decision roughly a year from now. This would be no big deal if people saw Trump for what he really is. But given the bigness of the guys ego, his know-it-all attitude, and his harsh rhetoric, many scared Americans are impressed with his broad, bold pronouncements that promise the moon and offer nothing constructive. He will forever express disgust with Obama, while he continually undermines and marginalizes those real candidates who are putting it all on the line to end Obamas reign. The bottom line impact of his input is that many fence-sitters will either check out .pletely or default to Obama as the media twists Trumps rants to hurt the ultimate Republican candidate. Trump is part of the problem. Whether he gets in (a very long shot) or stays out, hes a gift for Obama. And, of course, the guy doesnt like to mess with details. His claim is that, with his art of the deal mastery, he can negotiate America back to prosperity by playing hardball with the rest of the world. He doesnt tackle or focus on the specifics of our most threatening challenges Medicare, for example. Instead, he openly advocates playing politics to insure that ignorant boomers and seniors are not scared with the truth. And he always faintly implies that his negotiating ploys may boost the economy so much that our monstrous, unsustainable crisis will disappear. When I listen to the guy, I question whether he has any real grasp of the magnitude of the numbers. He loves to talk tough and lambast those who try to force an open discussion of details, while offering nothing constructive. We have experienced for over two years a leader who operates only off of big slogans, believes he can solve problems with the strength of his personality, doesnt bother with details, and forever plays politics by ducking the tough stuff and pandering to the uninformed. We dont need another one of these. We are at a critical juncture. Years of short-sighted, gutless leadership on both sides of the aisle have created unprecedented problems that can no longer be ignored. The future of our country and our posterity are at stake. We need serious solutions and serious leaders who have the capacity to move us forward. Trump offers neither. The media will keep a light focused on him because he is good headline material and everything he does and threatens to do helps their golden boy Obama. The challenge for individuals is to just ignore the guy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: