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Train Muay Thai in Phuket Rawai Muay Thai Camp is a Thai boxing gym located on the TROPICAL island of Phuket. At Rawai Muay Thai Camp we have 15 – 20 Muay Thai fighters living & training @ the gym. They train 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, @ age of 18 most of them have had 50+ Pro fights. Training 6 hours a day is not as hard as it sounds. You start your day @ 7 AM with a morning run (30 – 60 minutes). You then do an hour of techneque training with your personal trainer & you finish your morning training session with 30 – 40 minutes of weight training, yoga, and or stretching. @ 4 PM you are back in the gym for another 2 – 3 hours of Muay Thai & Fitness training in the high humidity of the tropics. In 2001 Rawai Muay Thai Camp opened it doors to foreigner’s / Non fighters that want to experience fitness training in the tropics & the true essence of Muay Thai training "Thai Style". Rawai Muaythai Camp has quickly be.e the Number 1 training Gym is Southern Thailand for foreign students & by far the most popular GYM in ALL of Thailand for training female Thai Boxing students. You don’t have to be a martial arts specialist or a fighting junkie to be training @ Rawai. Many people .e here for other reasons such as weight loss & fitness training , some of the more .mon reason for people to .e to Rawai Muaythai Camp I mentioned below . General Fitness Training Weight Loss / lose Weight Give up Smoking / lose bad habits Detox / Colon Cleansing Fitness Training Holiday in the Tropics @ Phuket Thailand Mental Stimulation & Motivation Muay Thai Boxing Training Camp"Thai Style" Boot Camp Style Fitness Training Holiday High Humidity Fitness Training Pre Season Fitness Training Pre Fight Training Phuket Marathon Training Phuket Triathlon Training Endurance Fitness Training (iron man) Learn Self Defense Striking & Grappling Training for MMA Family Fitness Holidays & some FuN in the SuN In the first week @ Rawai most new students usually can only do 2 – 3 hours of training a day. By the second week their fitness levels & stamina has improved and 4 hours of training a day easier to achieve. By the 3rd week most people can do 5+ hours a day of training. The ideal length of time to be training in Thailand is 1- 3 months. The first 3 week’s you are building on your fitness, stamina & technique. In the second month of training your fitness is up to speed and looking like a Pro fighter, your loss of body fat is noticeable and you are mentally on an extreme high. At the end of your 3rd month of training your fitness is peaking and you will be keen to go home to impress your friends & family with the new YOU ( Fighting Fit). When you return home to your usual training gym, you then realize how much you have improved in fitness and in your Thai Boxing technique. Most students return to Rawai Muay Thai Camp for more Muay Thai & fitness within a year of their first visit. Start reading this news feed first! Start reading this news first! Don’t wait and read this news first! Don’t wait and view this news item instantly! Don’t wait and grab this news feed instantly! View this news first! 相关的主题文章: