To your hair makeup face as even, can be so ugly the angle is not too sincere!


To your hair makeup face as even, can be so ugly the angle is not too "sincere"! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Text: Xiong Xiaoyao s in the micro-blog sun on the makeup. See the big picture, word mom, she’s scared. Face pure face!!! Can I say that this kind of angle of the Su Yan wife wife too sincere? Eat melon people can not see it: he also replied in micro-blog: ugly is the real ugly! After being friends Tucao, bursts of two beautiful point. Hong Kong s true, this year 40 years old ah. This age there is such a state of the skin, a little powerful ah! As a female star so the upright angle of the big meal is not the goddess of burden? But on this point, her sister s worse. All day sun Su Yan, as well as fans of the angle of the ugly photos, completely not afraid of the beginning of the unemployed, a variety of decadent terrible self. She’s lost her face. Sometimes the sticker rather baffling posted on the eyes. Popular hair that self blanket. That period of unemployment, bad mood we understand. But now, after work or very sick! Some time ago also sent a photo, scared the baby almost fainting! Even more frightening is… You play so also piggyback on the girls, so you pit baby!? Since the black, I also took the size of the s sisters. This article from the WeChat public number Sina entertainment"相关的主题文章: