To tell all parents for vocal music play…… (video)


S tell all parents just because a vocal…… [Abstract] s often through community network to share my life and friends, the 28 day message in a word, deeply hit the whole world parents heart, that is: "my daughter is going to school tomorrow!" Small happy three daughters will face book. Tencent s entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported on August 28th, the artist s (Xu Xidi) to remove the "Kangxi" (video) presided over the bar, now presided over the "sister" has become a hot topic. The variety, international superstar style of her table, under the table is a wife, mother, convert a variety of identity to fans impressed. And she often through social networks and friends to share life, 28, a message, deeply hit the voice of the parents of the whole world, and that is: my daughter tomorrow school!" Winter and summer is all the children look forward to the moment, put down the normal variety of host s bar, still have received endless entertainment performances on stage shine after the next time, all dedicated to the 3 daughters, including children to run through southern Taiwan, to participate in various activities, but also to Xiamen Wanshui, stay at home together to play the self, let the baby daughter smile on his face. And she seldom wrote in her face, "I’m so happy! My daughter is going to school tomorrow!" Without a word on any map, is enough to represent the joy of heart. Friends laugh like her mother in the message said the whole world heart, "all things look happy mother, every mother happy flowers circle", many netizens responded "Mom and I am happy, I am free to celebrate, but less child noise will have little sense of loss. There are fans, come to discuss on the pilgrimage here many mothers in the rotating flowers", "hard! The mother of the world, users are excited by a word idol, "the world parents heart, are waiting for this day". Pull the individual mind "s topic of domestic violence justifying undesirable相关的主题文章: