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To take the business of overseas real estate Jinqiu (MarketWatch) – real estate — original title: Autumn in China overseas real estate sales business (MarketWatch) recently, the 2016 Beijing autumn real estate fair and the fall of overseas property investment Carnival held in Beijing exhibition hall. More than 500 real estate projects have appeared, attracted a large number of visitors. The autumn exhibitions are divided into domestic and international exhibition. Among them, the overseas real estate is the highlight of the exhibition, from the United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, South Korea, Japan, nearly 30 countries and regions, more than 300 projects, including ordinary residential, apartments, villas and other types, involving many areas of investment, immigration, etc.. In many overseas projects, the United States is a more popular destination. This year, the most popular is the United States, mainly due to the relatively strong dollar." A person in charge of the company said that the price range of investment in U.S. real estate ranging from $200 thousand to $1 million, compared to the first tier cities in China, there are still some advantages. At the same time, some property buyers are also optimistic about the expected rate of return on U.S. property, the United States is still not the overall level of recovery to the pre crisis level, there is still room for improvement. Real estate projects in Europe, southern Europe, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and other countries are more attention. It is understood that these countries for the domestic economic downturn, have introduced preferential policies to attract overseas investment immigration. For example, in Spain or Portugal purchase 500 thousand euros in real estate, you can apply for family immigration procedures, after 5 years can get a green card; Cyprus and Greece’s investment immigration threshold lower, respectively is 300 thousand euros and 250 thousand euros. This year’s exhibition, in addition to Europe and the United States and other traditional overseas real estate market, Southeast Asian countries also showed a warming trend. "Southeast Asia has a population of 600 million and is a dynamic emerging market. This year we saw the first exhibition, is the domestic real estate market heating up quickly!" According to a Thailand real estate project person in charge, with the "The Belt and Road" strategy to promote and deepen cooperation between the two governments, more and more investors began to consider the real estate projects in Southeast asia. It is understood that, compared to millions of dollars in Europe and the United States investment in Southeast Asia, some real estate projects relatively cheap, only a few hundred thousand dollars, but also can be paid in installments. At the same time, the official also admitted that there are still some bottlenecks in Southeast Asia property, mainly in these countries are not immigrants, so there are still many restrictions on the relevant policies. Currently, the project is mainly investment oriented, I believe that with the future of the policy continues to relax, Southeast Asian real estate projects will be more attractive. However, in the face of many attractive options and businesses attractive options, to participate in the exhibition of the public is relatively rational and cautious. Today is mainly to take a look, there are some items of interest, but also need to go back to the specific study, but also to discuss with the child." For children to study in the United States intends to do Ms. Lu said. Another Distinguished Public Mr. Peng and his wife, the daughter visited exhibitions, there is no clear national purchase or project. When asked for)相关的主题文章: