Tiangong two space laboratory successfully launched the Shenzhou 11 docked next


Tiangong two space laboratory successfully launched the Shenzhou 11 docked next month at 22 last night 04 points, in the mid autumn moon, carrying the Tiangong two space laboratory Long March two FT2 launch rocket launch in Gansu satellite launch center in Jiuquan. After about 585 seconds, with the Tiangong two rocket successfully separated into orbit, launching a successful. Tiangong two space lab in Tiangong-1 (micro-blog) based on the improved backup target vehicle product development, a total length of 10.4 meters, the experimental class and class two class configuration resources, designed to the life of not less than 2 years, the main task is to accept the manned spacecraft and cargo ship flying visit, to carry out scientific experiments in space, space verification station construction and operation of related key technology. – released hundreds of sets of scheme for the night, distance Tiangong two launch and two hours, the Beijing Aerospace Control Center (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing flight control center) flight control hall lights were lit. Scientific and technical personnel to stick in their respective seats before takeoff for Tiangong two final preparation. Beijing flight control center is implementing the organization and command, data processing, track the task of calculation, plan generation and send commands to a series of key work, and the task of communication and control headquarters is located. According to the task of monitoring and Communication Command commander, deputy director of the Beijing flight control center Li Jian introduction, set up the center model task team, aiming at the task of long period, new test items, technical requirements and the characteristics of high difficulty, focus on preparing for the set of intellectual research. In the meantime, they completed more than and 100 sets of flight control implementation plan and evaluation by experts, resolve 5 key technical problems of flight control, carding the development of more than and 800 types of fault plan, upgrading more than 20 flight control software system, adjust and perfect the 10 hardware system, organization of nearly 200 joint exercises. Beijing flight control center chief engineer Zhou Li said that before the ignition of the rocket, the scientists also conducted a launch internal exercise system and conducted two comprehensive inspection and tested. "Not only can help technical personnel enter the battle as soon as possible, can also confirm the task smoothly, link hardware and software system in good condition." 585 seconds into the scheduled orbit last night at 22 points, Jiuquan satellite launch center, a huge roar came out of. China’s first space laboratory Temple No. two, No. two in the long march FT2 rocket lifts, piercing the sky, was sent into orbit, it takes about 585 seconds. In this short period of less than ten minutes, the Rockets each section has completed the mission, followed by separation, will eventually Tiangong two into space. According to the chief architect of Aerospace Science and Technology Group Hospital Long March two F rocket Jing Muchun, took off after twelfth seconds, the rocket is no longer vertical flight, but turn a corner, "this action is called program turn along the tilt of the earth to fly, in order to save the rocket fuel. After the turn, the basic direction of flight along the parallel earth orbit." Jing Chun said, 155th seconds, four booster rocket fuel, separated from the rocket body. 160th seconds, a rocket fuel depletion, the separation of the one or two rockets, rocket engine start of the two. 210th seconds, the two rocket with the temple flying out of the atmosphere, the top also protects the spacecraft fairing Chrysanthemum相关的主题文章: