Through the Jiangsu provincial Congress in Taizhou on behalf of the hearts of the high level of &quo


Through the Jiangsu provincial Congress: Taizhou on behalf of the hearts of the high level of " " – Jiangsu channel — original title: Taizhou on behalf of the hearts of the "high level" through the Taizhou provincial Congress on behalf of the hot high level of completion of a comprehensive well-off society. Gu Xiangzhong captured the thirteenth provincial Party Congress report "not only to ensure the timely and comprehensive well-off society, but also to the high level of comprehensive well-off society". This reflects the new requirements of "strong rich makall", the most important, it will in the near future benefit every person in Jiangsu. Then, at the Taizhou provincial Congress on behalf of the heart, "what high level" represents, and what are the expectations? Building a moderately prosperous society in a high level, first of all to let people’s money bag bulging." The provincial Party, the Municipal Finance Bureau Director Zhang Changping believes that the residents’ income, corporate profits and fiscal revenue, "three pockets" order cannot be reversed. The first two "pockets" drum up to have only "third pockets"". "From the beginning of this year, we improve the residents’ income more prominent financial investment structure, we hope that through the" 13th Five-Year "period, the financial growth and growth in the proportion of residents uncoordinated part fast contraction of more than 20%, the real wealth among the people, let the people get more benefits." ‘high level’ to work hard in the living environment. People don’t care about GDP, we only care about whether or not the air fresh, green is in place, the road is smooth, these can be keenly aware of, reflects social progress, specific things people have experience directly." Many representatives issued such a feeling. Gaogang provincial Party committee secretary Gu Ping said that Gaogang will intensify efforts to accelerate the ecological restoration, pay off the ecological old, let people see the sky bluer, more green, breathe the fresh air. To this end, the district will be scheduled for a number of key ecological construction projects and a number of major ecological construction projects, project management, to promote the way, improve the green level of development, the implementation of ecological environmental damage compensation system and the responsibility system for life, the major ecological responsibility accident in the implementation of "one vote veto". Into the high-speed rail era has been the dream of the people of Taizhou 5 million, it should be a high level of Ying Youzhi. The provincial Party, Hailing District Party committee secretary Xu Kejian said, "the high hoop" new concept shines, let us in Taizhou to achieve high-speed rail dream full of hope. He suggested that the next few years, increasing the middle of Jiangsu Province high iron construction support, especially to accelerate the salt Wuxi intercity railway and Thailand Yi North along the high-speed rail related work, let the people of Taizhou to realize the "high Tiemeng". No national health, there is no comprehensive well-off." As a health worker, provincial Party, city people’s Hospital Julie said, "high level" can not ignore the health work, not only in the understanding to improve, but also to put people’s health in the development of a strategic priority, improve the medical and health system, improve the basic medical and health system, to provide all-round, full cycle the health and health services to the masses, let our people more healthy, life can be more happy. For "high level"相关的主题文章: