This year, Hangzhou Ma Yan value is simply guards this Sunday run traffic will have control (Figure)


This year, Hangzhou Ma Yan value is simply guards this Sunday run traffic will have control (Figure) note! The horse run Sunday Hangzhou traffic regulation this year will have the hang Ma Yan value is simply guards! This year’s Hang MA line just on the basis of last year to make a fine tune, but the situation has increased a lot. In addition to Hangzhou will go to the West Lake scenic area, this year’s event along with G20 after the explosion of Qianjiang new city tourism become famous scenic spots — the sun and moon. Hangzhou Ma half end point set in Qianjiang Century City, the competition center of Provincial Sports Bureau deputy director Pan Huaqun said: "the half side end point is the famous Qianjiang Century City Huahai, also near the main venue of the G20 summit, than the finish time to visit." In addition, the first half of this year, the most beautiful red network Binjiang runway, will also be presented for the first time in the CCTV lens, and the whole players will also have the opportunity to experience the most beautiful runway scene. Hangzhou Ma event package will be open to receive, remember these things: receive time: November 3rd, 4, November 5th 10:00~19:00, 9:00~21:00. Receive location: Huanglong Sports Center Tennis Hall (near Qiushi Road South Gate). Material with the following: the original ID card and the confirmation letter of the contestant (one person and one card). Note: in principle I need to receive, but if because of unavoidable reasons, can also lead to the contestants, with valid ID (the original ID card, driving license, account of this, etc.) must be original Oh, and printed the confirmation letter. In order to ensure the safety of the game and smooth, smooth and orderly road during the competition, Hangzhou Traffic Police Department announced the traffic control measures during the marathon. We have a few examples: for example, in November 5th 21 to November 6th 15, Huanglong Road (road Tianmu Road to prohibit motorized vehicles; 6 dawn) 7 pm to 9 pm, at the same time, prohibition of non motorized vehicles. The race day 6, Beishan Street (Paul, road to dawn Road) to implement traffic control measures and the Bai Causeway, prohibit motorized vehicles. 8, Boao Road (Wen Tao road to a road), Chao Yun Road (Boao road to Jinji Road) to implement traffic control measures to prohibit motorized vehicles and parking. On the same day at 7:45 to 9, closed 7, closed the elevated expressway ramp elevated pond stone overpass from west to South and from east to South on the ramp, off route north to South on ramp on the de interchange from east to South on ramp; closed time overhead bin Kang Road, the south north shore route ramp; depending on the situation in the rainbow the implementation measures of north direction interchange shunt vehicles; closed Qingchun Road from north to South River elevated ramp. In November 5th 21 up to the end of the game, in addition to vehicles holding marathon work permits, the traffic police department will prohibit motor vehicles entering the Huanglong Sports Center near the road (not included) within the road, and the implementation of social field motor vehicle parked in the area; in November 6th 0, the game sections prohibit all vehicles parked (including berth). Of course, the traffic police for vehicle owners to set aside out of the Easy Access bypass: Xiaoshan International Airport.相关的主题文章: