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UnCategorized Rock climbing is an extreme sport that people do indoors and outdoors. On a basic climb the only things that would be required is a good pair of shoes, a fit body and a sound mind. All this can make the climbing experience worthwhile, but when going on a climbing trip it takes a bit more of effort. When making such climbing trips, beginners and even the intermediates forget to get the essential equipment for climbing and the camping. So the list below can be used as a checklist when going on a climbing trip and can be of great help to a rookie climber. Also an important concept that should always be considered is to go light, because climbing is supposed to be a fun and adventurous experience, no one would like to spoil it by carrying any extra weight. So the things, which are needed to be bought on a climbing, trip are- . The basic requirement is a tent when going on a long climbing trip to protect you from the elements of weather. . A sleeping bag is another necessity when on a climbing trip. The sleeping bag has to be warm enough and should be capable of keeping you warm in low temperatures. . Having a sleeping pad can be an added advantage, when the terrain is rough this will help in keeping you .fortable and warm. . A headlamp is also useful in the dark, and any light in the dark is always beneficial. . The climbing gear is the most important equipment on the climb; it all should be double checked before leaving for the trip. . Water is an essential on a climbing trip that should be carried always. You can either find out if the water is drinkable or get a water treatment when going on a climb. . The food and stove on a climb help in warming canned food and nourishing your body. The food that is brought should be rich in carbohydrates like potatoes, fruits, etc. . The weather should always be monitored before a climb and warm clothes or raincoats should be brought along to protect when on a climb. . The First Aid kit is very essential on the list and should be in the pack of a climber always, since it is never known when it will be required. . The guidebooks or Topos should be got as per to the location of the climb and the use is quite obvious to the climbers. These are the items that need to be brought on a climbing trip. There are other minute things that have to be looked into as well. But to remove the benefit of doubt a few of them are listed: extra pair of socks, hand towel, a knife, a set of clean clothes for the ride home, credit cards in case of an emergency and what would make it better is to have a good partner on the climb, to support and encourage you on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: