These tricks scams designed pit investors’ money


These tricks of fraud means investors’ money specifically pit "professional platform" set of 35 thousand investors cheated according to media reports, a family known as the strength of the securities investment company set up agency in the country, Recruitment Clerk, and for each person is assigned a number of QQ to play different roles, to lure investors. In order to attract investors, the company set up the following 4 aspects: first, that he is an overseas listed company; second, to the clerk as "analyst", "famous institution trader" title, to show their "tall"; third, the salesman teach various deceptive "word" for example, I was 02 years from the contact of the stock market, such as chronic illness into physicians; fourth, let investors have tasted the sweetness of this "incentive" they increase the inputs. In fact, this company is a shell company, no Chinese securities legal qualification, he is controlled by a group of overseas online stock fraud gang. Those so-called analysts are not professional qualifications, and even the university did not graduate, the stock has not been fired. In addition, investors will invest into a virtual stock software platform, and this platform itself with the A-share market is A without any connection, investors can see all their investment transactions in the account, but the real deal is not the capital, just idling in the platform account. All the money into the platform will be all kinds of hidden fees deducted, including overnight fee, several times the rate of cost lever. It is understood that in order to keep the money, every other period of time, the platform will be replaced with new names, although the company’s home page, but the software is still the same platform for stocks. Retrofit scheme eventually through these events, it is not difficult to see that the network shares have a black chain. But a senior analyst at the well-known domestic wealth management institutions Richwood Reed said similar stock fraud and many, while the black chain is more than this one. Previously, Reed also released a friend called "the so-called ‘recommendation masters’ play is the routine" article, on the recommendation of crooks means and procedures for a simple explanation, but also behind a black chain, and recommended masters "team is huge. In this regard, analysts said, although these fraudsters routine is not exactly the same, deception is also in the renovation, but the same is that they have made use of "investors who want to make more" and "turnaround", "low investment, high return" implementation of fraud, to obtain a large amount of money. Remind investors, the stock market volatility, not one or two people can be manipulated, and no one is not only win. Once they have said he is "professional analysts" and "Jian master" or recommend a variety of software stocks, do not believe. If they really have so much skill, have long earned pots full bowl, or are busy studying which stocks will go up, there is still empty to pull customers. So, do not listen, do not believe is the best way to prevent deception. If you really want to make money from the stock market, but they do not stir stocks, it is recommended to choose some of the stock investment products, which are more than the so-called stock software, pseudo sub inquiry相关的主题文章: