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[Sina] will be held in Harbin Medical University Hospital medical treatment of colorectal and anal diseases of large intestinal clinic activities is the body’s largest immune organ, also known as the second human brain. According to the relevant data, the incidence of colorectal cancer in China has increased significantly in the past 30 years. It is the third highest incidence of cancer in the world, and the proportion of rectal cancer in the middle lower reaches as high as 50%. In daily life, intestinal health is always neglected. In particular, some people with constipation, people who are addicted to food, people who do not drink water and people who do not love exercise are prone to suffer from intestinal diseases, and these intestinal diseases can be avoided by reasonable and healthy eating habits before the disease occurs. The most common diseases of colorectal and perianal are colorectal benign and malignant tumors, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, hemorrhoids, fistula, anal fissure, perianal abscess, rectal mucosal prolapse, etc.. The occurrence of colorectal cancer may be related to gene mutation, diet, inflammation, lifestyle and intestinal flora. Attention has been paid to the characteristics of younger onset age, poor prognosis and high mortality. Colorectal cancer deaths account for 600 thousand per year. The incidence of colorectal cancer in male is higher than that in female. The principle of treatment is comprehensive treatment based on operation. The 5 year survival rate of patients with early colorectal cancer is about 80%. Because the early stage of colorectal cancer usually has no special symptoms, it is easy to delay the treatment time, and the survival rate is only about 10% at the late stage. At the same time, the most common clinical hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal fistula, perianal abscess and other diseases also because of high incidence, repeated disease course. Many people suffer from perianal diseases, which affect work and life. Most people are not clear about perianal diseases, anal fistula, perianal abscess is often mistaken for hemorrhoids, causing a lot of delayed perianal abscess, evolved into perianal necrotizing fasciitis in order to seek medical treatment, serious infection, long course of disease, dangerous changes in the condition, high mortality. Therefore, perianal diseases should not be ignored. Department of anus & intestine surgery since its establishment in 2008, patients admitted in the Department of million people, leading the hospital department of anus & intestine surgery director Liang Desen Professor, Department of philosophy, carry out without tumor intraoperative peritoneal lavage chemotherapy, total mesorectal excision, postoperative laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery and the technique of transanal endoscopic microsurgery in the national leading level. At the same time, the establishment of a set of leading clinical treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fistula, perianal abscess and other anal diseases, with small trauma, no pain, short course of treatment, good efficacy, not easy to relapse. For the convenience of patients consulting doctor, to be held in November 8, 2016 in Department of anus & intestine surgery treatment of colorectal and anal diseases of large free clinic activities in Harbin Medical University Hospital Outpatient Department of the first floor, then the Department of anus & intestine surgery experts visiting, welcome to come to consult the doctor patients. Expert visits: Director Liang Desen, deputy director, deputy director Meng Qinghui Zhao Ming, Dr. Liu Rui time: November 8, 2016 (Tuesday) 8:30-11:00 location: Harbin Medical University Hospital Outpatient Department on the first floor

【新浪医讯】哈医大一院将举办大肠及肛周常见疾病防治大型义诊活动   肠道是人体最大的免疫器官,也被称为人体的第二大脑。据相关数据显示,我国大肠癌发病率在过去的30年显著增加,是世界第三大高发癌症,且居中低位的直肠癌所占比例高达50%以上。在日常生活中,肠道健康总是被人们忽视。尤其是一些便秘人群、嗜刺激食物人群、不爱喝水以及不爱运动的人群容易患有肠道疾病,而这些肠道疾病在发生病变之前,通过合理健康的饮食习惯是可以避免的。   大肠及肛周较为常见的疾病有结直肠良、恶性肿瘤、炎症性肠病、便秘、痔、瘘、肛裂、肛周脓肿、直肠粘膜脱垂等。   大肠癌的发生可能与基因突变、饮食、炎症、生活方式和肠道菌群有关。发病年龄年轻化,预后不良,死亡率高的特点而引起人们的关注。每年因大肠癌死亡的患者可达60万。男性大肠癌发病率高于女性。其治疗原则为以手术为主的综合治疗。早期大肠癌患者的治疗5年生存率约为80%,由于大肠癌早期往往无特殊症状,容易延误治疗时机,至晚期时生存率仅为10%左右。   同时,临床上最为常见的痔、肛裂、肛瘘、肛周脓肿等疾病也因发病率高、病程反复。很多人深受肛周疾病的折磨,影响工作和生活。大多数人对肛周疾病的区分并不明确,肛瘘、肛周脓肿经常误认为是痔疮,导致很多延误的肛周脓肿,演变成肛周坏死性筋膜炎方来就医,感染严重、病程长、病情变化凶险、死亡率高。因此,肛周疾病不可忽视。   肛肠外科自2008年成立,收治患者万余人,科室在哈医大一院肛肠外科主任梁德森教授带领下,科室开展术中无瘤理念、术中术后腹腔灌洗化疗、直肠癌全系膜切除术、腹腔镜结直肠癌手术以及经肛门内镜显微手术等技术处于全国领先水平。同时建立了一套国内领先的诊治痔疮、肛瘘、肛周脓肿等肛门疾病的方法,具有创伤小、无痛苦、疗程短、疗效佳、不易复发等优点。   为方便广大患者咨询就诊,肛肠外科拟于2016年11月8日在哈医大一院门诊部一楼举行大肠及肛周常见疾病防治大型免费义诊活动,届时有肛肠外科专家出诊,欢迎广大患者前来咨询就诊。   出诊专家:梁德森主任、孟庆辉副主任、赵明副主任、刘锐医生   时间:2016年11月8日(星期二)8:30-11:00   地点:哈医大一院门诊部一楼相关的主题文章: