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There are brothers, a total of youth! The movie "you are my brother" friendship is approaching! Sohu – entertainment by Fourier Brothers International Film and television media (Beijing) Ltd., in Ying pictures (Beijing) Limited production and film exclusive issue, director Li Gen directed, Wang Xiaoyuan, Liu Yishou, Liu Meihan – reds, Ma Siyuan and the youth strength actor portrait appeared in the movie "the brotherhood youth campus you are my brother", will be released on September 20th shock. The film tells a story about the youth growing up from the campus to the society. Wang Xiaoyuan, Liu and Su Jie grew up together. In high school they gradually understand the silly love. Wang Xiaoyuan and Liu are both in love with the school beauty Jiang Xiaoying, and Su Jie is silently pay for the Wang Xiaoyuan. They indulged his fearless youth. The two fight was expelled outside and entangled Jiang Xiaoying ruffians. From two Gebendongxi, two years after Liu Yishou because the house demolition made a fortune, and Wang Xiaoyuan regained the young friendship. They inadvertently encounter Jiang Xiaoying adult and childhood feelings again, but is not the Jiang high school immaculate campus Belle but only mercenary woman. She followed Liu for the money, and he had to put his money as. Wang Xiaoyuan Liu hand brother. When Liu hand is about to slide into the edge of crime, and Wang Xiaoyuan had made a vow to let him finally awaken. They decided to work hard for the future. The four stars are from the YY anchor, with millions of fans of the volume level, high popularity, high color value, the shape of a department destined to have a high quality large high popularity. Wang Xiaoyuan: mischievous, truancy, lurking in the billiard hall dragons and fishes jumbled together. Liu hand: Wang Xiaoyuan’s brother, the demolition of the old house get compensation, wanton squandering Liu Meihan as Jiang Xiaoying: the high school into the society become the only campus Belle, mercenary woman. Wang Xiaoyuan, who played with Wang Xiaoyuan, and grew up with her, and silently paid for the work of Mr. Su Jie, who played the role of a young man, with the help of the Lord and his wife, who grew up in the same place as the. When we go out of the campus, for their future work, a few years after the reunion, a long time, that is a mixture of friendship and love of the eventful years, those memories of love and hate, perhaps for years dreamed of, or a person, then a word. Life, always for the wanton spending of youth and pay, owe the situation, a lifetime to repay, in the end is what changed with the years of our young appearance? In September 20th, as a new field of exclusive distribution, tailored to each step of the Swiss propaganda plan network movie "you are my brother" friendship is approaching……相关的主题文章: