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Gansu Provincial Water Conservancy Department help with water articles in poor areas — Gansu channel: original title: Gansu Provincial Water Conservancy Department help contact water articles in poor areas in recent years, Gansu Provincial Water Resources Department to get rid of poverty as the main battlefield, playing an active role, help people in poverty-stricken areas, efforts to crack development the problems encountered. Since 2015, a total of 109 thousand and 600 households for the poor households filing riser wading project investment 500 million yuan, mainly used to solve the poverty village safe drinking water, irrigation, dike reinforcement and other aspects of the problem of weak. Striving for the pioneer to do the rate in Zhouqu County, the provincial water resources department contact the poverty village is the village of tsutun Township tea Ping village. As the leading unit of Shuanglian action in Zhouqu County, the provincial water resources department focuses on supporting the construction of infrastructure, enriching the industry, improving the livelihood of the people, and making efforts to win the lead in the provincial units. After the start of the double action, the Provincial Water Conservancy Department organized a special work organization. The dispatched personnel set up a dual work to coordinate and promote the leading group and office, and set up a permanent contact point in the tea village, to understand the various aspects of the village, and to formulate the help plan. In order to improve the infrastructure of Chaping village, the Provincial Water Resources Department has invested 12 million 342 thousand yuan of funds or coordination for the construction and maintenance, including drinking water safety engineering, embankments and drainage engineering, and reconstruction, road hardening, village primary school and cultural activities square and other infrastructure construction for strengthening engineering. Based on the development of tea Ping Village, the provincial water resources department is working on the cultivation and development of the characteristic advantage industry. In order to coordinate the loans of 15 million 280 thousand yuan for farmers, 218 cultivation technicians were trained and 7 specialized cultivation cooperatives were established in the village. The total area of the whole village trees and Chinese medicinal materials is over 1000 mu, and the livestock and poultry are nearly 10000 (only). The provincial water resources department also actively organized rural cadres and villagers’ representatives to go out to visit learning and exchange, to obtain information for development and to enhance confidence in poverty alleviation. On this basis, they are all kinds of people’s livelihood under the masses. Since the double action, for villagers to buy good varieties of potato, fertilizer and other production materials, all kinds of daily necessities, books, computers and other value of nearly 200 thousand yuan. Coordinated grasping forward in Zhouqu County, accurate poverty alleviation, the provincial water resources department head of the unit earnestly perform their duties, play a leading role in the total catch, held a double action will promote, spot, inform the provincial important deployment on double and precise poverty, promote Zhouqu County double coordination of 13 provincial units. The organization set up contact Zhouqu County, provincial departments of double action coordination to promote the work of the group, establish a working mechanism on communication about the coordination, and deployed cadres in Zhouqu county is responsible for coordinating and promoting dual attachment, precise poverty alleviation in Zhouqu county. The water conservancy project plan was arranged in advance by the provincial water resources department in order to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation in Zhouqu county. In 2012, invested 32 million yuan to solve the problem of rural drinking water safety; invested 37 million 890 thousand yuan in 2013, the new reinforcement embankment 20.8 kilometers; 2014, special arrangements in rural drinking water safety project funds 35 million 460 thousand yuan; in 2015, once again arrange planning of rural drinking water safety project funds 47 million 120 thousand yuan, to solve the problem of drinking water safety in 19 villages and towns…… Since 2012, the subsidy funds for 29 poor villages in 13 units have been allocated about 10000000 yuan, mainly for farmland irrigation, rural drinking water safety and river regulation. In the provincial water conservancy department led by contact provincial departments in Zhouqu county to implement policies to support and cultivate income industries, cultivating new farmers and actively assist as the twin benefits of agricultural loans 475 million yuan, the training of technical personnel 22 thousand and 800 people, the implementation of the project funds 95 million 550 thousand yuan. In 2015, the per capita net income of farmers in the county reached 5740 yuan, with a cumulative reduction of 77 thousand and 600 people in poverty, and the incidence of poverty decreased from 62.7% in 2012 to 17%. Padded short board help Department of water resources development in the poverty-stricken areas, drinking water is difficult to break the bottleneck problems of irrigation difficult as a core objective of poverty alleviation, a total of 4 years for the provincial departments to arrange related projects in 293, 195 million yuan of subsidies to solve the problem of poor village drinking water, irrigation and flood control etc.. At the same time, the Joint Provincial double joint introduction of relevant guidance, the establishment of water conservancy department, double unit, poor village people "three-in-one" rural water conservancy construction management mechanism. Provincial Water Conservancy Department adhere to the double and precise poverty fusion linkage, with the precision to village households through the tap water as the goal, the 6220 poor villages drinking water on the filing riser unstable 1107 village project to upgrade. Last year, 160 thousand households have been settled, and the remaining 103 thousand and 400 will be resolved this year as a whole. In the work of water conservancy poverty alleviation in the minority areas, the Provincial Water Conservancy Department issued a 2 billion 760 million yuan investment plan for water conservancy projects last year, which solved the problem of water insecurity of 282 thousand and 600 farmers, herdsmen and rural schools. At the same time, a total of 1 billion 479 million yuan for the water conservancy investment plan of the old revolutionary old area was reached last year. In the formulation of the planning of water conservancy development "in 13th Five-Year, more prominent and the old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas and poor areas of small water conservancy project construction, for the impoverished village enriching industry cultivation, lay a solid foundation to resettle and sustainable economic development. (commissioning editor Gao Xiang and Zhou Wanting)

甘肃省水利厅真帮实联做好贫困地区水文章–甘肃频道–人民网 原标题:甘肃省水利厅真帮实联做好贫困地区水文章 近年来,甘肃省水利厅以脱贫攻坚为主战场,积极发挥职能作用,真帮实联,着力破解贫困地区群众发展遇到的难题。2015年以来,共为全省10.96万户建档立卡贫困户投资涉水项目5亿多元,主要用于解决各贫困村饮水安全、农田灌溉、堤防加固等方面的薄弱问题。 力争先锋做表率 在舟曲县,省水利厅联系的贫困村是曲告纳乡茶坪村。作为舟曲县双联行动省直牵头单位,省水利厅重点围绕茶坪村基础设施建设、富民产业培育、民生保障改善等方面大力进行帮扶,努力在省直单位中做表率争先锋。 双联行动启动后,省水利厅组织成立了专门的工作机构,抽调人员成立了双联工作协调推进领导小组及办公室,并在茶坪村设立了常驻联系点,了解村里各方面的情况,研究制定帮扶规划。为了改善茶坪村的基础设施,省水利厅先后投入或协调资金1234.2万元,用于新建和维修包括饮水安全工程、河堤和排洪渠等工程,同时进行了危房改造、道路硬化、村小学及文化活动广场建设等基础设施强化工程。 立足茶坪村发展实际,省水利厅从培育和发展特色优势产业上下工夫。为农户协调贷款1528万元,培训种植养殖技术人员218人,同时帮助村里成立了7个专业种植养殖合作社。使全村林木及中药材育苗总面积超过1000亩,畜禽养殖近万头(只)。 省水利厅还积极组织乡村干部和村民代表外出参观学习交流,获取发展信息,增强脱贫信心。在此基础上,他们为群众帮办各类民生实事。双联行动以来,为村民购买马铃薯良种、化肥等生产物资,各类生活用品、图书、电脑等价值近20万元。 统筹协调抓推进 在舟曲县精准脱贫工作中,省水利厅切实履行组长单位职责,发挥牵头抓总作用,多次召开双联行动推进会、现场会等,及时传达省委关于双联和精准扶贫的重要部署,协调省直13个单位共同推进舟曲县双联工作。组织成立了联系舟曲县省直部门双联行动协调推进工作组,建立了上下沟通、左右协调的工作机制,并抽调干部在舟曲县挂职,负责协调推动舟曲县双联和精准扶贫工作。 围绕舟曲县整体脱贫的目标,省水利厅提前安排水利项目计划。2012年,投入资金3200万元,解决全县农村饮水安全问题;2013年投入3789万元,新建、加固河堤20.8公里;2014年,安排藏区专项农村饮水安全工程资金3546万元;2015年,再次安排规划外农村饮水安全项目资金4712万元,解决了19个乡镇的饮水安全问题……2012年以来,对13个单位联系的29个贫困村下达补助资金1000多万元,主要用于农田灌溉、农村饮水安全和河道治理等。 在省水利厅的带动下,联系舟曲县省直有关部门在落实扶持政策、培育增收产业、培养新型农民等方面积极作为,协助双联惠农贷款4.75亿元,培训技术人员2.28万人次,落实项目资金9555万元。2015年,全县农民人均纯收入达到5740元,累计减少贫困人口7.76万人,贫困发生率由2012年的62.7%下降到17%。 补齐短板助发展 省水利厅把破解贫困地区群众饮水难、灌溉难等瓶颈问题作为扶贫攻坚的核心目标,4年共为省直部门安排涉水项目293个,补助资金1.95亿元,解决了贫困村群众饮水、灌溉和防洪等问题。同时,联合省委双联办出台相关指导意见,建立水利部门、双联单位、贫困村群众“三位一体”的农村水利建设管理机制。 省水利厅坚持双联与精准扶贫融合联动,以精准到村入户通自来水为目标,对全省建档立卡的6220个贫困村中饮水不稳定的1107个村的工程进行改造提升。去年,已解决了16万户,剩余10.34万户将在今年整体解决。 在民族地区水利扶贫工作中,省水利厅在去年下达水利项目建设投资计划27.6亿元,解决了全省28.26万农牧民及农村学校师生饮水不安全问题。同时全力推进革命老区水利扶贫工作,去年累计下达革命老区水利投资计划14.79亿元。在制定“十三五”水利发展规划中,更加突出革命老区、民族地区和贫困地区大中小水利工程建设,为贫困村富民产业培育、易地扶贫搬迁和经济可持续发展奠定坚实的基础。 (责编:高翔、周婉婷)相关的主题文章: