The United States said that New York and other 3 states or on the day before the U.S. presidential e-vidalia


The United States said that New York and other 3 states or on the day before the U.S. presidential election on the original title: the line Al Qaeda or Monday to the United States to launch attacks involving New York three state photograph: the network received the U.S. national security and intelligence agencies that line Al Qaeda could attack on the city during the U.S. presidential election next week. According to "the Wall Street journal" reported that local time 4, the federal government officials have issued a warning to local law enforcement agencies, said the report pointed out that the Al Qaeda cable may be in local time next Monday, that is before the election day attacks, the target may include New York, Texas and Virginia. At present, the intelligence agencies are still investigating the credibility of the relevant lines, there is news that the wire did not indicate that the three states in the end what may become the target of attack. New York mayor Bai Sihao said he had received notice of the relevant warning, but the content of the security threat is more ambiguous". He said the New York Police Bureau during the general election on Sunday and New York marathon on additional police, the New York Police Department said that the current New York city has to focus on areas of high density patrol. The FBI declined to comment on reports of attacks, saying only that the counterterrorism and homeland security agencies have been vigilant and ready to respond to any attack on the United states". At the same time, in order to prevent hackers to launch cyber attacks affect the election process, the national network security center of the Department of homeland security officials will be on election day and a network of experts and FBI officials stationed together in the state of Virginia. Security officials believe that cyber attacks are difficult to affect the election results, but hackers may attack the poll’s election website, affect the voting process or attack the main grid area to create chaos. U.S. Department of Homeland Security and intelligence agencies have accused the Russian government authorized hackers to launch a cyber attack on the National Committee of the Democratic Party and relevant agencies, Russia denied the allegations. Editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: