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Wo Mei next days ten strong players reproduced extraordinary strength at 13:30 on the afternoon of November 11th by the Tencent of Zhejiang, Jiaxing hosted lakassa medical cosmetic plastic surgery hospital exclusive contractor "this station homeway, next days" semi final hot ending. For nearly 3 months, almost the entire potential of singers and dancers are gathered here, staged a day between the hegemony of the song and dance drama, dance competition scene powerful collision, so that the audience and the judges from the heart evaluation, this is a visual feast! The next days he reproduced ten strong players extraordinary strength after three auditions of the fight, "this station homeway, making next days" super power, has set off a huge response in Jiaxing, become the ideal person carries countless dream stage. The debut show ten finals, 16 contestants from the T show the opening debut, let the audience to feast their eyes is sixteen styles, Scarlett a dress like. Figure sixteen and the yen value and the disparity between the contests on the stage, will impact what kind of spark? Spell singing: "good voice" together Wanda confident she with their own singing ability, who sang "Halfmoon Serenade", causing the scene audience. The song "love" will undoubtedly reveal the prison superb vocals, the song "I´ yours"; m not showed perfect stage performance, widely praised by the judges, followed by "small" lucky "It is a small world." "I wish I Happy birthday" because "love you" "little friends", a song popular songs bombarded the audience’s senses, let the audience and the judges shouted foot ear addiction. Spell dancer: staged a "dance forest congress" in the first contest in a jazz win high popularity player Ma Yuanyuan, the most obvious feature in the game, India dance the most incisive performance, not only the body language is very rich, the performer’s gesture is change unpredictably; a strong flavor of Sun Wenjun’s book the dance is a perfect interpretation of the ink, people still remember the kindergarten teacher, will also dance in the end, the casual Latin and its literary flavor fusion; known as the "almighty dancer" dance teacher Shannon sweet players at the audition in the game, with a fan dance and won the game title, the half the final stage of Korean dance, appeal "spread to all the audience; it is worth mentioning that the audition to gain promotion to the" outside world " Qualifier Wang Xiaojia, this will perform a dance never appear in the game, elegant ballet. It is understood that she is a collection of singing, dancing, presided over the body as a versatile player. The judges of the public to join the new Legion as contest judges, in addition to the host media, Zhejiang network Jiaxing Tencent marketing director Ms. Xu Ting; contest exclusive contractor unit, Dean lakassa medical beauty hospital with rhinoplasty patent Mr. Cao Haifeng; the Internet Movie "ten years a dream" issued to producers, Ms. Bai Ying Art Director Yang Yue Cultural Communication Co. Ltd.; next days the organizing committee chairman, Mr. Gao director of brand promotion contest next days of thunder; designated car series, CO organizer for infina activities manager Mr. Cai Zhexun, CO chaired the five and give players a fair, special!相关的主题文章: