The sixth Qinghai Province Disabled Art Festival Exhibition of new art in the special network


The sixth Qinghai Province Disabled Art Festival Exhibition of new art for the disabled with special network performance at the scene of dance. Hu Guilong photo Beijing, Xining, September 23, (Zhang Haiwen) 23 afternoon, the sixth session of the Qinghai Province Disabled Art Festival held in Qinghai Grand Theatre Festival, from the winning entries selected 12 programs to perform and select the part of the award-winning program awards, in order to show the artistic talent of disabled people. It is understood that the Qinghai Province Disabled Art Festival held every four years, in order to enrich the cultural life of people with disabilities, disabled people show special artistic talent, discovering and cultivating excellent talents and disabled art works, further promote cultural and artistic work of the disabled in Qinghai province. At the same time to participate in next year’s national disabled art show the selection of talents and reserve excellent programs. Since the beginning of 20, more than 200 disabled actors from 8 prefectures of Qinghai province and province, city CDPF special school for the deaf, attend the three day art festival. Take the show live performance comprehensive evaluation method, a total of 46 programs, dance, vocal and instrumental folk four categories of the participating actors, the oldest 67 years old, the youngest 7 years old. After review, the vocal music category the first prize of the delegation by the Haixi "harmonious Grassland"; the Xining delegation of the "poetry" won the first prize in Qinchuan instrumental music; dance class the first prize by the city of Xining school for the deaf "water" makes gains. On the afternoon of the show in Xining city school for the deaf dance "blooming" kicked off, dance actors are hearing disabled students from the school. On the stage, can not hear the sound, the children will stare at the sign language teacher’s hands, followed by the teacher waved the rhythm, rotation, jump. Though they are in the silent world, but gives the audience infinite touched, the audience is also generous to offer their applause. Xining city school for the deaf sign language teacher Zhang Hongyan told reporters, in order to show this time, 45 children school rehearsal of the three programs for nearly a month, while the three programs have won the award. "A lot of kids have broken their knees, but they are doing better today than ever before. The kids took the game seriously and showed the best in the stage, "Zhang Hongyan said. It is reported that the event by the Federation of disabled persons in Qinghai Province, Qinghai Provincial Department of education, the Qinghai Provincial Department of civil affairs, the Qinghai Provincial Department of culture and press and publication, Qinghai radio, film and Television Bureau jointly organized. (end)相关的主题文章: