The Russians continue to assault readiness inspection Su – 34 fighter moved to


The Russians continue to assault readiness inspection Su – 34 fighter moved to Moscow in August 26, Crimea Xinhua (reporter Li Ji) of Russia and Western military region central military announced that at 26, as part of an assault readiness inspection, a large number of planes that day was transferred to the South region. The Russian Central Military News Agency news release said that the military MiG fighter and bomber Su 24 31 day deployment to the southern military region. In addition, stationed in Orenburg, motorized infantry and artillery troops will be moved to the southern military region in southern Russia, to strengthen the deployment of troops. Russia’s Western military news agency news release said that the military 29SMT MiG fighters, 34 fighter and MiG fighter Su 31 day moved to southern military region, the Soviet 34 fighters moved to Crimea. The Russian Defense Ministry started 25 days of the Russian armed forces assault readiness inspection, covering the southern military region, Western military region, the Central Military Region and the Beihai fleet, commander in chief of the military air Department, airborne command is also involved in the exercise. Related to military and troops have entered a state of readiness. This readiness inspection will continue until 31 this month. In recent years, NATO in Europe, especially in the vicinity of the Russian border area to increase the deployment of troops, this situation makes Russia worried. In response, the Russian held several large-scale assault readiness inspection and combat exercises, in order to improve the quality and management of military organs military readiness.相关的主题文章: