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Sleep canteen fire police workaholics on the other side is a warm heart brother not long ago, a related Jiaxing State Road 320 Jiashan public security checkpoints webmaster Yu Zhonglin Rize photos were spread online. In the picture, he lay on a folding chair in the canteen to rest. This photo has attracted the attention of many netizens, and many people praise it. The sleeping canteen was photographed in the late August, and the official WeChat Public Public Security Bureau of the Jiashan County Public Security Bureau, "good police for the people", launched this photo. The photo is very simple, a police side in a folding chair, behind, is a soup bucket and dining tables and chairs. The composition of the picture is very random, even a little hasty, not a good work, but the author has a few simple explanations, which caused the attention of the netizens. Yu Da had a good lunch, and it was just so busy that day. The police, special police checkpoints where we rested because many people, not enough beds, Yu let the other brothers rest, their estimates really carry is not strong, do not know where to move a folding chair there a little rest adjusted. Looking at this, the brothers are still a bit of a pain! " Netizen "romantic" said: "the police Yu Zhonglin love soldiers as the son, is really good, a lot of support to." Netizen "Yan’er fly" said: "the people’s police." Netizen "ang" said: "the police uncle selfless, rigorous work, for the motherland of the blue sky, with their country will be better, they have social stability will." The reporter understands, the photographer called Zhang Hongchao, is a Police State Road 320 Jiashan public security checkpoints rize. In fact, Zhang Hongchao did not dream of dreaming, and this photograph of his inadvertent photographing was so concerned. "Oh, I didn’t think it would be like that. On that day, he (Yu Zhonglin) saw me beside me and was embarrassed to lie down. Then when I went to see him again, I found him lying on a folding chair and fell asleep. He was very moved and took the picture. " Speaking of Yu Zhonglin, Zhang Hongchao is full of praise: "he is conscientious and responsible. He is not only our leader, master, elder brother, but also our good parents in life. Piercing eye strictly in July 15th this year, the Jiashan County Public Security Bureau police 20 years traffic police brigade deputy commander Yu Zhonglin was transferred to the 320 National Highway Jiashan public security checkpoint when the owners of rize. This summer, there were more than 160 staff members at the station, including traffic police, police station police, armed police and so on. As one of the main routes to Shanghai and Zhejiang, the traffic and transportation of the 320 National Road is very busy, and the hard work of the staff can be imagined. On the day of the interview, the reporter saw in the checkpoint that a car came from the direction of Shanghai, and was led into the checkpoint by the traffic police commander near the checkpoint. When the driver stopped a good car, the staff on both sides of the aisle immediately started to check, and the vehicles, personnel, and articles were meticulous. A few minutes later, the vehicles that were checked out were leaving. Yu Zhonglin, a stationmaster, did not sit for several minutes in the monitoring room. He came out to check the situation. Later he picked up the registration book to check, and stopped for a moment. "Every day to check the vehicle in the thousand or so, careless, so we have a lot of harvest in the inspection process. For example, a driver suspected of provocation was stopped here. As a webmaster, Yu Zhonglin is mainly responsible for planning, coordination and so on, but he does not love when "shuaishouzhanggui". Zhang Hongchao said, "he has to ask all things to do everything in accordance with the requirements of his superiors and carry out every task. The first time to work at the earliest work, a lot of time to stand as a home. According to the introduction, the monitoring room of the checkpoint is the place Yu Zhonglin prefers to go and looks at the screen on the wall as soon as he goes in. Once a car from Shanghai was led into the checkpoint, the driver suddenly turned around and wanted to run. This scene, happened to be detected by Yu Zhonglin, he immediately ordered the staff to stop. It was later found that the driver was unlicensed to drive. The checkpoint of big brother in the eyes of many people, the checkpoint is a serious, be beneath the human character place, but that is not the case. Hot weather, people worry about the car heatstroke, Yu Zhonglin specially called for Huoxiangzhengqi water, wind and other drugs. I didn’t expect these things to be popular. At the checkpoint, Yu Zhonglin has another identity, that is old brother. This, Zhang Hongchao deepest feelings: "he took the lead, always rushed in front of the body dark skin was drying out, he is very concerned about the brothers." It is understood that Yu Zhonglin is not allowed to be disturbed by the staff’s lounge at the checkpoint. He knows so much every day to check the vehicle, the class officers are tired, rest is very important to them. The reporter learned that since 1993, since the police, Yu Zhonglin has been working in the front line of traffic police. In 2007, he was selected as the excellent police of the city. In 2008, he was selected as the excellent police of Jiashan county. He was also selected as the excellent traffic policeman of the city, the excellent civil servant of Jiashan County, the Excellent Communist Party member of Jiashan County Public Security Bureau, and the chief of Jiashan County Public Security Bureau. Yu Zhonglin’s wife Xu Jianying was named the province’s outstanding jingsao "".

睡食堂的民警火了 工作狂的另一面是位暖心哥不久前,一张与嘉兴320国道嘉善里泽公安检查站站长俞忠林有关的照片被传到了网上。照片中,他躺在食堂的折叠椅上休息。这张照片引来众多网友关注,不少人点赞。睡食堂被偷拍8月下旬,嘉善县公安局官方微信公众号“善警为民”推出了这张照片。照片内容很简单,一名民警侧卧在一张折叠椅上,身后,是一个盛汤的桶与用餐的桌椅。照片的构图很随意,甚至有点仓促,算不上什么佳作,但作者几句简单的说明,引起了网友们的关注。“俞大吃好中饭,那天正好忙得要命。我们检查站有民警、协警专门轮休的地方,因为人多床位不够,俞大就让其他弟兄们休息,自己估计实在扛不牢了,不知道从哪里搬出个折叠椅就在那儿稍微休息调整了一下。看着这样子,弟兄们还是有点心疼的!”网友“浪漫”说:“交警俞忠林爱兵如子,真是好样的,要多多支持。”网友“燕儿飞”说:“人民警察辛苦了。”网友“ang先生”说:“警察叔叔大公无私,严谨办事,为祖国撑起了一片蓝天,有了他们国家才会美好,有了他们社会才会安定。”记者了解到,照片的作者叫张宏超,是320国道嘉善里泽公安检查站的一名民警。其实,张宏超做梦也没想到,自己不经意拍摄的这张照片,竟然如此受到关注。“呵呵,我也没想到会这样。那天,他(俞忠林)看到我在旁边,不好意思躺下。后来我再去看他时,发现他躺在折叠椅上睡着了,心里很感动,就拍了这张照片。”谈起俞忠林,张宏超赞不绝口:“他认真负责,不仅在工作上是我们的领导、师傅、老大哥,在生活上更是我们的好家长!”火眼金睛严格把关今年7月15日,从警20多年的嘉善县公安局交警大队副大队长俞忠林被抽调到320国道嘉善里泽公安检查站当站长。今年夏天,该站共有160多名执勤人员,有交警、派出所民警、武警等。作为来往上海与浙江的要道之一,320国道的交通运输很繁忙,执勤人员工作的辛苦可想而知。采访当天,记者在检查站看到,一辆辆汽车从上海方向开过来后,在检查站附近被交警指挥驶入检查口。司机停好车后,过道两边的执勤人员立即上前开始检查,车辆、人员、物品,一丝不苟。几分钟后,被检查完毕的车辆驶离。作为站长的俞忠林在监控室里没坐几分钟,就出来查看情况,过一会儿又拿起登记本进行检查,没有一刻停下来。“每天检查的车辆在千辆左右,来不得半点马虎,因此,检查过程中我们有不少收获。举个例子,一名涉嫌寻衅滋事的司机就在这里被截住。”作为站长,俞忠林的主要责任是统筹、协调等,但他不喜欢当“甩手掌柜”。张宏超说:“他凡事都要过问,按照上级要求严格把关,落实好每项工作任务。最早上班最晚下班,很多时候以站为家。”据介绍,检查站的监控室是俞忠林比较喜欢去的地方,一进去就盯着墙上的屏幕看。一次,一辆从上海来的轿车被引导进检查站时,司机突然掉头想跑。这一幕,恰好被俞忠林监控时发现,他马上指令执勤人员拦住。后来发现,司机无证驾驶。检查站的老大哥在很多人看来,检查站是一个严肃、不近人情的地方,但事实并非如此。高温天气里,担心车上的人中暑,俞忠林特地叫人准备了藿香正气水、风油精等药品。没想到,这些东西还挺受欢迎的。在检查站里,俞忠林还有另外一个身份,那就是老大哥。这点,张宏超感触最深:“他身先士卒,总是冲在前面,全身黝黑的皮肤就是这么被晒出来的,他对兄弟们也很关心。”据了解,检查站执勤人员的休息室,俞忠林是不允许任何人去打扰的。他知道,每天检查那么多的车辆,每班的执勤人员都累得够呛,休息对他们来说很重要。记者了解到,自1993年从警以来,俞忠林一直工作在交警一线。2007年,他被评为全市优秀人民警察;2008年,被评为嘉善县优秀人民警察;他还多次被评为全市优秀交警、嘉善县优秀公务员、嘉善县公安局优秀共产党员、嘉善县公安局优秀科所队长。俞忠林的妻子许建英被评为全省优秀“警嫂”。相关的主题文章: