The original ecological Xinjiang dance was praised Chen Daoming envy


Since the launch of the original ecological Xinjiang dance won the praise of Chen Daoming "envy" Sina entertainment news from Beijing TV "heritage of China" images, programs with domestic top art troupes performances and explore and contend for performing behind the Chinese culture caused widespread concern of the public, and received critical acclaim! On Sunday just broadcast of the program, the program content upgrade again, whether it is the original ecological happy dance of Xinjiang passed out, or new folk music by exploring, let us deeply feel the charm of Chinese art. The version of "offbeat" Wukong caused Chen Daoming and China’s "chunqiangshezhan", lets the audience address him: "wonderful view attitude, this program is not routine, is amazing!" The original Xinjiang dance won the praise of Chen Daoming "envy" in the episode, brought by the Xinjiang art theatre troupe [micro-blog] "Dao Lang Macy & P" performance has been highly recognized by the cultural observers, the Youth League and the audience, through the original performances of Dao Lang Muqam heritage, the audience feel a nature gives the most authentic human artistic charm. Xinjiang people’s enthusiasm and optimism is also infected with the presence of all the people, even less [micro-blog] and Zhu Dan could not help but follow to dance together. At the same time, Chen Daoming also said he was very envious of these dancers: this score represents a kind of happiness for me." After the broadcast, this release of wild and passionate dance, but also a lot of fans sought after. Some netizens said that in addition to feel the charm of dancing, more is to learn a kind of spirit, "for their attitude toward life is really worth learning, as long as you live a day a happy day, even in the face of difficult environment, they can always keep the spirit of the meeting, with the happy to others, this attitude is now too little." By the Central National Orchestra brings the innovation of folk music "and Chinese" ambush "innovation to the traditional folk music adapted to" see audible sense of "new folk music, like drama and concert like folk music gained favorable friends. In that the performers to spread the folk music again make efforts, have said the audience praise and support, "they said in a variety of ways to music for their efforts, they hope that Chinese" music drama "can achieve the dream!" The subversion version of "Goku" to Chen Daoming’s "war" in China "heritage of Chinese" image on the stage, in addition to magnificent performances, cultural observers and youth for the cultural heritage of the view across is everyone interested in the topic. In the episode, this controversy is because a ballet "Wukong" reached a climax. This ballet Sun Wukong subverts the image to be equal to anything huge, plastic caused the flesh and blood of the soul trapped in a family, love. Such bold subversion and amazing performances, but also attracted two different views. It is not only in the Youth League that Sun Wukong should accept this kind of adaptation, but there is a heated discussion. Between the two observers and commander, also let the scene gunpowder full, it is)相关的主题文章: