The official turning machine refurbished machines, replacement of what’s the difference candy candy


The official turning machine refurbished machines, replacement of what’s the difference? Recently, Samsung’s official turn over the project after a year of preparation and finally formally launched. Compared to the normal in the sale of Samsung products, refurbished machines great discount. Among them, the maximum discount Galaxy S6 Edge reached 200 knives. For those who want to start with the surface of the screen products and shy users, the official turn machine is undoubtedly the best choice. In fact, the official turn over the history of the machine has a long history. Foreign manufacturers such as apple in a long time ago to provide official turn machine, domestic manufacturers such as Meizu also sold over the official turn machine. Samsung Electronics America has sold the official turning machine compared to the market of mobile phone and mobile phone smuggled goods two dragons and fishes jumbled together, the official turning machine is undoubtedly the most secure option. But in addition to the official turning machine, in life we can see a similar concept to the official exchange, intact machine etc.. For many consumers, the resolution of these concepts is too headache. In addition, there are many traders will take these concepts to deceive consumers. So today, Xiao Bian to analyze it, look at these professional terms represent what. First, the official turn over the so-called official turn machine, as the name suggests is the official refurbished products. Apple, for example, we all know that in the production process of the phone, there will be some quality products. When the defective products are returned by consumers, Apple will be the official dismantling of these products, with a new part to replace the defective parts of the phone for renovation. Then after a series of rigorous tests, and then get the market to sell. For these refurbished products, the same as the normal sales of the product, the new accessories, enjoy a normal warranty. Official iPhone turn 5, it must be noted that, in the small series of reading the Apple’s official website, found that Apple’s current official turn only Mac, iPad and iPod, and no official turn iPhone. In fact, in the iPhone 5 apple still provide official turn machine, but now has been canceled. Therefore, if people want to sell you the official refurbished iPhone, which basically is a profiteer. Two, Apple’s official certification officer officer well understood replacement replacement. We know that when Apple product problems (non-human damage), in accordance with the terms of the warranty Apple will replace a new phone for consumers. This is the official mobile phone replacement replacement. With the official turning machine is different, but not only for mobile phone replacement, replacement of other accessories. Of course, the official replacement is a new mobile phone, and unlike the official turning machine is to replace the damaged parts. Method for identifying officer replacement is also very simple, that is, the replacement of the serial number are beginning to N, with the retail version of different mobile phone. In fact, many traders will switch the name of general machine intact for sale, in order to get the parts and other aspects of the profit. The official profiteers note: replacement of "official replacement" similar to "New Baroque machine" was born, but low price, cost-effective, quality assurance, can also be the same official warranty service (warranty time depending on the situation), so Apple’s official formal replacement officer is quite a bargain. Three, the original machine, as its name implies, is the normal sales in the market version. Its enjoyment is.相关的主题文章: